Help! "My Husband Doesn't Touch Me." What Can I Do?

Here's how to entice his warm caress.


It's like Janet always sang in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Toucha toucha toucha touch me I want to be dirty!

Every woman wants to be touched, caressed, fondled and groped... and you deserve it honey!

But a woman can't afford the reputation of a “slut” in today's society, though according to the urban dictionary, a slut is merely a “woman with the morals of a man.” 

So you can just imagine a wife's frustration when her husband, the big stud, the head hancho of great sexual ability (as he promised), suddenly doesn't want to cuddle. Or touch. Or anything.


Women lamenting that “my husband doesn't touch me” are not only feeling lonely, but also sexually frustrated.

How to Get a Man to Toucha Toucha Touch You

After all, touching is an important stage in the love making process.

Sure, a man uses his hands, tongue and Apple-Headed Monster during sex, but all of these body parts serve the same purpose — to touch, to manipulate the woman's body and to produce pleasure.

So if your husband doesn't touch you anymore, it's time to pique his curiosity a little bit.

If you want to be touched more explain to your lover that touching you really turns you on — that it gets you wet and makes you want to cum. This is language that guys understand.


If you just say “touch me because it feels good” he might not get where you're coming from.

He'll be like, “Oh okay...{touch touch} now time for sex.”

You really have to educate the average man regarding the importance of foreplay. It's not just that it feels good; you need (and deserve) it to be able to warm up and reach that special pre-orgasmic state.

What Sensate Focus Teaches a Man

One of the best exercises that sex therapists recommend for couples who are experiencing problems with staying power or female orgasm, is Sensate Focus, which is sort of an Americanized-version of Tantric sex.

Sensate focus disciplines both men and women to only touch each other and to stop thinking about sex like it's a goal.


In fact, men are banned from touching any female genitals or breasts. Furthermore, they cannot speak during the first several sessions. Their wives cannot guide their touching. It's all on instinct.

They start the session only touching the woman's arm, her leg, her back, shoulders and so on.

This is not the same thing as a massage, since that's goal-oriented. This sensual touching is just for pleasure  to feel intimately through the act of touching.

So if your husband won’t touch you, why not volunteer Tantra or Sensate Focus (something kinky...he likes the sound of that) and then, enjoy long, intimate touching sessions?

Eventually these sessions proceed onward to genital and breast touching, and penetration. However, because the concentration is so much deeper, orgasms are often more intense for women and for men.


Actually, some men claim to have experienced multiple orgasms from this practice. Tell that to your impatient guy and watch the horny bastard change his tune in a hurry!

Remember, when thinking “my husband doesn't touch me” that sex is not just the act of procreation, nor is it just intercourse or just oral sex. Sex is anything intimate involving you and your partner.

Talking can be sexual.


Touching and caressing can be sexual.

Communication is sexual.

Maximize the body communication and experience better sex!

If you want to learn how to entice your man to become a better lover, watch this video to learn how to be the best he’s ever had and make him erotically obsessed with you.