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Business Coach, Career Coach, Career Counselor, Consultant, Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Family Coach, Health Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Wellness Coach

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"It is but a choice to live your most powerful life"

About Shannon Rios Paulsen

My passion is partnering with individuals, organizations and families to assist them in living into their highest potential.  My life coaching focuses on the area of self-love and relationships.  My business is www.inlovewithme.com.  I have produced two highly acclaimed and best-selling guided meditation CDs:  The Healing Journey Within:  Meditations for Abundance and Love Volume I: Deserving and Volume II: Manifesting.  I also has trained extensively in the area of counseling.  I am currently writing my next book on self-love:  In Love With Me: 7 Self-Love Strategies for Successful Partnerships, Parenting and Performance. 

I also developed my business www.healthychildrenofdivorce.com.   In this capacity, I specialize in the niche area of families/children of divorce, separation and conflict.  Iwrote a best selling book “The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make:  Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict”.  I am an advocate for children and parents to live happy, healthy and peace-filled lives.  I coach parents to be the best possible parent for their children during and after divorce.

After training with the Coaches Training Institute in 2002, I started my own coaching organization in 2003 and has since been a leadership and management coach with The Human Potential Project and The Ken Blanchard Companies.  See www.rioscoaching.com for further information on these programs.  I have served as a catalyst for change in numerous multi-national organizations.  My focus is coaching leaders new in role and 360 degree feedback to create positive change.  My focus is partnering extensively with leaders who are entering a new organization and leaders who are taking on the next level role to ensure their success. 

I hold a Masters in Psychology and a Licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

My coaching and businesses exists for one reason, to assist all of us to live in our full amazing beautiful potential every moment. 

Areas of Focus :
• Career Satisfaction And Results
• Relationships
• Happiness and Well-being
• Leadership Coaching
• General Life Satisfaction
• Enjoyment of Life

You are my ideal client if:
• You have already achieved some level of success in your life.
• You want to take your life to the next amazing level.
• You understand that self-love is crucial to us attracting love and abundance in life.
• You are willing to be challenged.
• You are willing to accept support to reach your goals.
• You are up to amazing things in this world!
• If you answered yes to 1-6, let’s roll!

Contact Shannon to take your life to the next level.  You got to this site for a reason, it is time to embrace your life and live it like never before!

My Story:
I grew up in a family of conflict and divorce.  As a child I could never make sense of why my parents hated each other so much.  I was sure that once I had a relationship it would be amazing…..I was clear my prince was going to ride in and save me.  All the teenage romances I read told me that!  However, I had learned no skills from the family I had grown up in.  So after a failed engagement when I was 29, I began to look internal.  I realized I was the common denominator in all my failed relationships. That was a hard day when I realized this and probably the most important of my life. I no longer could blame the other person.  I was already a business coach, I was GREAT at that but not my personal relationships.  Thus began my journey of self-love.  It is a journey I will never regret.  I journaled my entire journey for those ten years (my new book will be out in the next few months In Love With Me: 7 Self-Love Strategies for Successful Partnerships, Parenting and Performance), I knew I had to learn about self-love and that I would also teach others.  My work now is all about assisting others to create successful partnerships, parenting and performance at work through what I have learned in these past 13 years.  It is not always easy but I am here to tell you it is possible to create happiness and the life of your dreams. If I can do it, anyone can.  Let’s partner to allow you to live into your full potential in this world, that is what I do best.

“It is but a choice, each moment, each breath, to live our most powerful life”
Shannon R. Rios

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