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Don't just add years to your life, add life to your years 

About Sebastian Harris

My name is Sebastian, I am 23 years old and I am the owner of www.globalseducer.com. Now you probably ask yourself who I am and what I am all about. Because I don’t want to bore you with a never-ending story about who I am, which you can read about in full detail on my website, I want to share with you very briefly who I am and how I became the guy who is fortunate enough to write for you on this site.

You already know that I am 23, so far so good. However, there is a lot more you should know about me. After I never had any success with women in my early teenager years, which was contingent on an extreme low self-confidence and self-doubts, a girl finally took pity on me and I lost my virginity. Due to my insecurities that had its origin in my young look, the scars from a heart surgery that are all over my body and bleeding acne, I ended up in a four year relationship with this girl before I finally decided to end the relationship. Because I was scared that I’ll never experience any form of sexual or emotional connection with a girl again in my life, I decided that it was time for a change.

I then got coached by Sasha Daygame and got to know other inspiring people along the way, such as James Marshall, Johnny Soporno, Alan Roger Currie and Steve Pavlina. Through the coaching and the mentorship of those guys I transformed from a shy and insecure loser who never had any success with women into a self-confident and life-affirming young man who knows how to seduce women.

I then quit my job, studied in London, travelled through Eastern Europe and South East Asia and decided that adding life to my years was a way better plan than adding years to my life. Motivated by Steve Pavlina I embarked on the journey to find my life purpose. I eventually found my life purpose during a long meditation session. You can read about it here.

My life purpose is all about fulfilment and one important aspect of it is to bring men fulfilment by inspiring and helping them through my writing and my coaching to live an adventurous life of seduction, sex and travel. At the same time I want to bring fulfilment to women by providing them with men who are able to bring them fulfilment by seducing them in an honest and authentic way. 

I strongly believe that a world in which men (and women) have no sexual guilt, express their sexuality in an authentic way, live out their sexual fantasies, are confident enough to express their feelings and to connect with each other and are adventurous enough to travel the world in search of sexual experiences is a world full of happiness and fulfilled people. Let me accompany you on this journey, support you, encourage you, inspire you and help you to become a global seducer and live a fulfilled life.

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