5 Vagina Truths All Men Should MEMORIZE To Be Better Lovers

Listen up, dudes...

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Sometimes I have the feeling that men have a weird relationship toward the female sexual organ. Even though we come out of a vagina when we're born, we do everything in our power to get into another one as soon as we reach the age of puberty.

Some men are scared of women and are therefore scared to come into contact with a vagina. Other men dedicate their whole life to vaginas and love nothing more than the smell and the taste of it.


For a man, the feeling of entering his penis inside a vagina is the most pleasurable feeling on earth. When I really think about it, it's crazy how good it feels to put your penis inside the body of a female human being.

But as good as it might feel, there are some truths about vaginas you should know. If you understand the following truths, you will be able to understand the female body and needs of women a lot better. It will help you learn how to become a great lover.

1. Vaginas are insatiable, and the women they belong to love sex just as much as men.

The vagina is insatiable. This is a fact you simply can't doubt. I know that women have a sexual appetite that's way beyond everything that some men can imagine. A few years ago, it was a taboo topic for women to openly admit they love sex, but nowadays this fact is even backed up by science.


Just think about it for a second: Women have a clitoris and the only purpose of a clitoris is to give them sexual pleasure. Men don't have that. That's not only a reason to be a little bit jealous, but it's also a reason to finally accept the truth that women love having sex.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of guys out there who believe in the old good girl/bad girl paradigm, and think there are some women who love sex (the bad girls) and some women who will never cheat on their partners, even if they don't have sex for years (the good girls). This is complete bullocks. All women, if they aren't asexual, love to have sex. 

2. The vagina has a power over men like nothing else.

The vagina is the most valuable, precious gift that exists on this earth. Is this really true? Well, if you think about how some men treat beautiful women, you could come to the conclusion that the vagina is the most powerful thing on this earth.


If a hot gold digger meets an insecure man with a lot of money, she usually doesn't have to do anything else than have sex with him and he eats out of the palm of her hand. The only reason why the vagina is considered this mystique and precious thing is because men all over the world act like drug addicts to get some.

It's not that men shouldn't appreciate a woman's body, but they shouldn't pay a price that's way too high for a drug they're dependent on. Men all over the world plunge into ruin because they fall for a hot woman with an even hotter vagina.

3. Every vagina is different and should be treated as such.

To all the male readers: if you want to become a good lover, you have to understand that every vagina is different. In other words, you can't have sex with every woman the same way.


Just because one woman likes it if you do her so hard that the bed breaks down, it doesn't mean the next girl you seduce has the same sexual preferences. A real lover knows that every woman and every vagina is different. When it comes to sex, the most important thing is that you understand this principle and become aware of what the girl you're with likes/doesn't like.

4. Contrary to what some women think, the vagina isn't anything special.

Remember when I said that the vagina is powerful? It's true that not only the vagina but also the woman it belongs to are valuable. Nevertheless, a vagina is by far not as special as many people think. Some hot girls believe that they can have and do everything just because they have something that a lot of guys want to play with.

Every human being has the same value, and I don't see why an extremely hot girl should have a higher value than a girl who isn't so hot. All I want you to understand is that a vagina is a great thing, but it's nothing special.


There are millions and millions of women out there who all have vaginas, so don't think that one particular girl can behave like she wants just because she thinks the thing between her legs gives her the permission to act rude as hell.

5. Vaginas are capable of making you fall in love.

Do you know the best way to make a woman fall in love with you? No, it has nothing to do with flowers, chocolate and romantic dinners. The best way to make a woman fall in love with you is to satisfy her in the bedroom and give her multiple orgasms. There's no other activity than sex that triggers more positive emotions linked to love in a woman.


The vagina has the ability to fall in love. Treat it well and you will have the happiest relationships you can imagine.