4 Qualities That Make Thai Girls Irresistible

Are you dreaming of the perfect girlfriend? Stop dreaming, and book a flight to the land of smiles.

woman looking

In case you are looking for a girlfriend who is not only beautiful, but who will also treat you like the most important person in her life, you should focus on meeting Thai girls in Thailand.

Nope, I don’t just say this because I have read in some guidebook that the women are incredibly friendly. I am also not one of the guys who are chasing prostitutes who are only after my money. I am a simple guy who has lived in Thailand for more than three months and who enjoyed his time dating some of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen.


However, beauty is not the only asset that those girls have. There are a few qualities that set Thai women apart from the girls in other counties. Let’s have a look at those four qualities and decide whether or not your next vacation leads you directly to the land of smiles.

1. Her Friendly Attitude

Are you sick and tired of women who are moaning and complaining and who can’t even smile without getting a cramp?

I am originally from Germany, which means that I am very familiar with pessimistic women who complain about everything and everyone. The good news is that you won’t find those girls in Thailand.


Of course not every smile is real, but in general Thai people are extremely friendly and value fun over everything else. This prioritization might not be very good for business purposes, but it can be a real energizer for every relationship.

2. Her Feminine Nature                 

Thai women are extremely feminine. Period.

Whenever I visit Thailand I am fascinated by the amount of business women who walk more seductively than every catwalk model. When you come from a country where women try to behave and look like men in order to reach success, this is definitely a healthy change.

Thai women place a lot of value on their looks. They always try to look as feminine and beautiful as possible. However, their looks are by far not the only feminine attribute they have.


They not only look feminine, they also behave feminine. I have never seen a Thai girl who tried to achieve something by behaving like a man, and I have never met a Thai girl who was proud to successfully compete against men. I think you get the point.

3. Her Respectful Behavior

Respect is an important value in the Thai society. The biggest fear in every Asian society is to lose face, which is the direct translation for losing respect. If you respect your Thai girlfriend, she will give you more respect than you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams.

Whenever I come back to Germany I am shocked that so many guys accept it when their girlfriend makes fun of them in public and behave in the most disrespectful way you can possibly behave.  


If you ever meet a Thai girl who behaves in such a disrespectful way she has probably watched too many Western movies.

4. Her Traditional Family Values

Once you have met your perfect girlfriend, you might even think about taking things further and starting a family with her. That’s all well and good, but when you plan to marry and raise a family with a woman, you should make sure that she has the family values that make raising a family an exciting adventure.


When I think back to some conversations I had with Western women that ended in “If it would be a boy, I would get an abortion,” I can’t deny that I wouldn’t consider marrying those girls. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about such things when you are together with a Thai girl.

Thai women live for their family. They are raised in the belief that the family is the most important part of life, and that’s exactly how they will treat you.