4 Big Things Your Guy REALLY Wants From You (Listen Up!)

And we're not talking about sex ...


A harmonic and healthy relationship can make every man happy. I don't necessarily think that the traditional monogamous relationship is the only form of relationship that can make a man happy, but I do believe that spending time with a woman outside of the bedroom can increase your happiness level.

I know from my own experience how fulfilling it can be to be in a relationship that is better than what you have ever experienced before. However, I also know how it is to be in a relationship that is destructive, unfulfilling and that makes you sink into depression.


Unfortunately, I see so many men who are caught in relationships that obviously make them unhappy. I see it when I walk down the streets. I see it when I look at some of my friends, and I even see it when I think back to a time where I ended up in such a relationship myself.

It's sad that those guys stay in those relationships, just because they take what they can get because they don't believe that they deserve a girl who makes them happy. Thereby, finding a girl who makes you happy is not that hard.

We men don't really need that much to have a fulfilled love life. All we need is a girl who treats us in a certain way, and we melt like wax in her hands.


1. We Want to Be Loved.

Whenever someone says that love is for girls and that men shouldn't deal with such emotional stuff, I have to roll my eyes. There are too many self-proclaimed alphas out there who think that love is for weak beta males. You can lie to yourself as much as you want but deep down we all want to be loved.

That doesn't mean that you should marry the next girl you meet and that you should promise to only have sex with her until the day you die. All I say is that we men need a woman (or several women) in our life who gives us the feeling of being loved.

2. We Want to Be Taken Care Of.

A lot of hardcore feminists might hate me for this but I have to say it anyway: We men want to be taken care of. We love it when our girlfriend cooks a nice dinner for us. We appreciate it if she takes care of the house, and we instinctively search for a girlfriend who behaves as if she would be willing to take care of our future children.


To be honest, the No. 1 characteristic that a girl has to have if she wants to be my girlfriend is a caring attitude. I don't know about you, but unless a woman enjoys taking care of me, I won't ever spend more than one night with her.

3. We Want to Be Respected.

Do you feel respected by women? In case you live in the Western hemisphere you probably can't answer this question with "yes." Unfortunately, most women don't respect men anymore. I can't really blame them, because they basically get conditioned to disrespect us.

Nearly every advertisement that you can think of makes fun of men, portraying them as insecure clowns instead of fearless warriors. 


Because we don't feel respected anymore, we crave respect in our relationships. 

4. We Want to Be Supported.

Support is something that I don't see in many relationships nowadays. For me it is important that my girlfriend supports my vision, my goals and my plans. What I see in a lot of relationships is that the women just wait to make fun of their boyfriend whenever they can.


That's not what support is about. A supportive girlfriend would rather defend her boyfriend when he gets criticized by other people, instead of making fun of him in such a situation.

A girlfriend who supports you in bad times and who doesn’t turn away from you when the majority is against you is a real keeper.