How To Make Love To Your Husband: 5 Steamy Tips

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Discovering how to make love your husband in a way that leaves you both satisfied is an incredibly fun journey to take, especially if things aren't going so great right now. Before showing you what to do, the one warning I want to give you first is that you shouldn't expect things to change overnight. This process takes time. But trust me, it's totally worth it! 

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1. Get Your Positioning Right

Often when women are trying to learn how to better make love to their husband they fall into one of two camps. Either they believe that they need to "try a little harder" or they feel that they need to go totally overboard and go "pornstar" on their man. Thankfully, learning to be better in bed is much easier and more fun than these two options.

The first course of action I always advise couples to take is to start trying new sexual positions in bed. You don't need to go overboard and start with the craziest positions you can find. In fact this is usually a bad thing. Instead, start by trying out variations of positions you already enjoy. Next, start to introduce completely different ones that you've never tried before.


The interesting thing is that you'll most likely enjoy less than half of the new positions you try with your man. That's fine, you only want to keep the enjoyable ones anyway. In time, you will slowly build up a list of great sex positions that both you and your man get a lot of pleasure from when making love.

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2. Don't Just Assume...

A massive mistake that so many women make when figuring out how to improve their love lives with their husband is they just assume that things are fine or that things are not going so well. As the old saying goes, "ASSUME makes and ASS out of U and ME". It's so true. So rather than assuming everything is fine with your man in the bedroom, make sure to talk to him about it.


Sure, you may be nervous, awkward or even a little embarrassed when it comes to talking about sex with your man. But if you want things to improve, then you absolutely must talk to him about what you need from him in bed and vice-versa.

Talking to your man about your sex and love life doesn't need to involve both of you sitting down at a table with a list of talking points...that would be pretty weird in fact. Instead wait until you're both in bed and start by letting him know what you really enjoy him doing and what you would like him to do more. Make sure not to criticise him on anything (guys do have pretty frail egos when it comes to the bedroom).

Next, it's time to find out what he enjoys you doing to please him. If your man doesn't volunteer the information, then you need to ask him. Again, being direct can make your man close off. So instead, try suggesting ideas to him, "I have a feeling you like it when I'm submissive, do you?" or "I always wonder if you prefer hand jobs or bjs better?" or "I wonder what your favorite position is?"

You'll find that your man will start to slowly open up to you as you ask him these questions. If you want to keep improving your love life with your husband, then it's important to keep an open line of communication with him and ask him these questions every once in a while, noting the answer and trying to incorporate his answers into your love life.


3. The Sex Setting

The next area to focus on when trying to improve your love making abilities with your husband is to start examining the setting. If you only make love with your husband after you turn off the lights, then you should think about experimenting with the lighting. Try leaving a lamp on in the corner of your room or even try lighting a few candles.

Next, think about playing some music to listen to during sex. That one is pretty easy.

Smell is another sense that you should try to pay attention to. How do you smell and how does your room smell? Would wearing perfume add to the atmosphere? How about lighting some incense?

What about physical location? Do you always have sex in your bedroom? Why not change things up and try having sex in the bathroom, kitchen, or even outside the house? If you have kids, then finding the time for sex may prove very difficult, especially without having to worry about them walking in on you two. A great way to avoid this and increase how sexy it feels is to have someone babysit your kids overnight and to book a hotel room.


The last thing I have to say on choosing a setting is deciding on what to wear...why not try wearing some sexy lingerie for your man, a pair of stilettos, or even a sexy costume?

4. The Build Up

The actual act of sex isn't the only thing to consider when learning how to make love to your husband. You should also make sure to think about how you build up to sex and create sexual tension as you seduce him. This all happens way before you have sex through teasing, flirting, and letting him know what's on your mind.


So think about this in future. Ask yourself, "How am I turning my man on before sex?"

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5. More Great Sex Tips

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