Your Vagina Isn't A Maze! 5 Tips To Find Your Damn G-Spot Already

Learn how to find the elusive G-spot.

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Discovering how to find your G-spot is vital if you are serious about enjoying yourself in the bedroom. There are so many different pleasurable things that you can do with your G-spot, so not knowing where it is can be a real shame.

Follow these simple steps and you will have no trouble at all finding your G-spot.

1. Finding it is half the battle.

The existence of the G-spot is such an annoying argument to get into. Some scientists claim that it absolutely doesn't exist, while others say that yes, it does exist. We are much more concerned with having pleasurable, safe sex with our partners.


There's an area of the vagina (often referred to as the G-spot) that's incredibly pleasurable to have stimulated. Simple as that. Now it's just a case of finding it and stimulating it properly.

2. Get aroused.

Now, you may be eager to start exploring to find your G-spot. Here's the funny thing: When you're thoroughly aroused, your G-spot is going to be much easier to find. It will expand and become more sensitive when you're turned on and aroused. So before you go looking for it, try masturbating a bit first for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you're with your man, letting him finger you or having sex is the perfect way to make your G-spot become more sensitive, larger and easier to find.


3. It's easier to find when you're turned on.

Located above your G-spot is your Skene's gland. This gland expands when you're turned on, pushing on your G-spot and making it easier to locate.

4. It's located right inside your vagina.

Once you're sufficiently aroused, then it's time to start searching for it. It's actually not that far inside your vagina, only about 1.5 to two inches in. It's located on the upper wall of your vagina, which means that it's located on the side of your vagina that's closest to your stomach.

So slide one finger down your stomach and enter your vagina, and then curl it backwards. You only need to enter about half your finger inside yourself. On the tip of your finger, you should start to feel a wet and softly ribbed texture. This is your G-spot.


5. There's no right way to stimulate it.

People enjoy having their G-spots stimulated in different ways. Some like it rubbed and stroked gently, while others like to have it pressed with quite a lot of pressure applied. Some enjoy a slow, circular motion, while others enjoy having it stimulated by either a penis or dildo. The key is finding out for yourself, experimenting and discovering what types of stimulation you enjoy the most.



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