6 Surprising Ways You Can Make Using Condoms WAY More Fun

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So it's time to get down to business and you KNOW you want to stay safe, but no one likes the awkward bumping and fumbling around for a condom right before doing the deed. Here are 6 simple ways you can make using condoms during safe sex WAY sexier:

1. Use the RIGHT condom size (sorry guys, that doesn't always mean magnum).

A well-fitting condom allows you to take your mind off the condom and focus on pleasure. Yet while correct condom size is the foundation of super-hot safe sex, few people know that condoms come in three basic size categories. And there are a number of between-sizes available, such as Kimono Microthin Large or Beyond Seven Sheerlon, to guarantee you find that perfect fit.

Not sure what the best fit is for you or your partner? Here’s a simple trick to determine the perfect condom size.

2. Explore with different types of lubrication.

It’s amazing what a few drops of lube can do for your sexual well-being, especially when using condoms. Applying lube both inside and outside the condom will (pro-tip!) dramatically increase sensitivity for both partners (and will leave your partner begging for more.) It also reduces irritating friction that can cause a condom to break. In short, the benefits of using the right lube make safe sex oh-so-amazing!  

There are many types of lube to choose from that come with their own advantages. We recommend choosing lubes that are glycerin and paraben-free, as these ingredients can be harsh on the body and cause irritation.

Water-based lube is safe to use for all sexual activities, including condoms and sex toys. It’s also easy to clean up with water. Spice up your sex life with water-based variety, including flavored lube and warming or tingling arousal lube.

Silicone lube lasts much longer than water-based lubes. They are particularly great for water-play and anal-play. Many silicone lubes, such as überlube, ONE Move and Sliquid Silver, have built-in moisturizer that leaves your skin soft, never wet or sticky.

Hybrid lube offers the long-lasting slickness of silicone and the smoothness of water-based lubes so you can enjoy the best of both options.

The best thing to do is try different options with your partner and see what you both like. Lucky Bloke offers a very cool Variety Lube Sampler so you can experiment with a range of premium lubes without investing in an entire bottle you may or may not like. 

3. Make sure you're prepped and ready BEFORE things get hot and heavy.

You can easily reduce any buzz-kill by reducing time hunting for condoms. Keep your sexy safety kit of condoms and lube (and other toy inclinations) nearby in a dedicated spot that is protected from extreme temperatures, moisture, sunlight and fluorescent light. This will help things run smoother.

Also, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of spontaneous safe sex, know how to safely store condoms on your person. To carry condoms around with you, find something you can put them in that protects them, like a pencil case and or breath mint tin.

Some condoms are already specially packaged, such as the Unique Pull, a super popular condom which seems to "disappear" when you use it, can fit safely in your wallet like a credit card.  

4. Get creative with your condoms.

Condoms don't have to be a mood killer. Instead, they can be an erotic part of sex. Put the condom on together with one person pinching the tip (to keep air out) and the other rolling it down his shaft.

Or try sexy ways to use your mouth. Trace your tongue down the back of his penis as you roll the condom on with your hands.

Tease his body with the unopened wrapper. Seduce your partner by pulling a condom out of your lingerie. Pass your partner a condom under the restaurant table. There are infinite ways to make condoms a sexy accessory and exciting foreshadowing to the night you have in mind.

5. Laugh through the awkwardness.

When things feel awkward as you’re attempting to spice things up, laugh about it. Trying out new lubes is fun and full of sensation. Racing to try and get a condom on can be silly. Being able to have fun with this takes the pressure off.   

6. Communicate and tell him what you want.

Each one of the points above won’t go far enough if you don’t practice open communication with your sex partner. One of the things that shy people away from practicing safer sex is the intimate communication that is needed. However, it’s important to realize that hot sex requires communication as well.  

Communication goes beyond discussing condoms and STI testing. Express what you want in bed, what turns you on and how you want to please your partner. Showing you are enthusiastic about not only being with them, but also learning what pleases them can be the greatest turn on of all.  

While condoms are the only barrier that protects against both STIs and pregnancy, once you find the right condom for you and try out ways to make safe sex fun, you'll understand they don't have to be a barrier to pleasure.

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