4 Simple Ways To Attract (And Seduce) ANY Man By Being Sexy AF

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how to be seductive

A lot of people think that learning how to be seductive is hard. They think they need to go out and buy 6-inch pumps, a bandage dress, and start acting completely different to how they normally act. Thankfully it's a lot easier than this.

Follow these simple steps below and you will instantly be more seductive and attractive to your man (and, let's face it, almost any other man out there!).

1. Use Your Words!

A huge part of being seductive is through what you say to your man. If you're quiet as a mouse and hardly ever even talk to him, then you are going to find it tricky to seduce him and have him falling for you. But if you master the art of flirting, then you're going to find it much, much easier to have him falling at your feet.

Flirting doesn't require you to do anything super wild or crazy, just follow these 2 simple steps for some seductive flirting:

Tease him and let him know that you're not so impressed: A really easy way to seductively flirt with a guy is to let him know that you are not completely taken with him but in a fun way. So ask him things like, "Did your mom buy your shoes?" or "I don't know if I could ever date a guy who is an engineer/computer programmer/whatever his profession is." or "Are you sure you went to college. You don't sound like you went to college." The purpose of these comments is only to poke fun, remember.

Tell him it would never work: Another easy way to flirt is to say something like, "This is why it would never work between us" when you are both talking about something. So if you both have the same interests you can say it because "It would never work between us, we'll just end up spending too much time together, it would be terrible!" or if you have no interests in common, you can say something like, "I can tell this wouldn't work between us, we just have nothing in common."

Just remember that both these flirting examples only work when you say them in a fun, joking manner. If you say them with a very serious expression on your face, then your man is just going to be confused. If you want to learn more about how to flirt and talk dirty to a guy to attract him (and keep him attracted) then you may want to use some of the examples from this powerful tutorial video.

2. Dress To Impress

So previously I said that you don't need 6-inch pumps and a bandage dress to be seductive to a guy. This is totally true, but it doesn't mean the opposite is true either, that you are going to have guys falling head over heels for you if you walk around in sweatpants and UGG boots all day. You need to find a happy medium.

You need to find clothes that you are totally comfortable wearing, but that are also attractive and seductive. So if you have a great pair of legs, then make sure to wear jeans or a dress that help subtly draw attention to them. The same goes for your hips, breasts, neck or any area of your body that you want to draw attention to.

3. Stop Being So Available

One thing that women often get really wrong is how available they make themselves. If you are always available and always put your schedule on hold to hang out with your man, then you're not going to be hard to get.

Being constantly available doesn't set you up as a valuable commodity in your man's eyes. If there is only one thing that you learn from this guide on how to be seductive, then it's that you are actually much more seductive and attractive when you are not so available and don't devote your life to him.

This is certainly counter-intuitive, but the simple fact is that people want what they can't have. Just make sure not to go completely overboard where you never have time to hang out with him. It's a tricky balance. You need to be almost out of reach, but still attainable.

4. Touch Him

If you want to be seductive, but never make anything happen between you and your man, then don't bother touching him, ever. Obviously, you want something to happen though, so you're going to need to touch him. Touching your man seductively is pretty simple.

Just wait till you are talking to him, then as you are making a point touch him and make sure to look into his eyes. Doing this with confidence is a powerful way to be seductive and let him know exactly how you feel about him.

If you enjoyed learning these 4 powerful tips on how to be seductive, but want to learn more on how to flirt with your man, build sexual tension and keep him attracted, then you may want to use some of the techniques I teach in this instructional video. If you want to learn how to give great oral sex to your man, then you should use the tips and tactics demonstrated in this video.