4 Incredible Foreplay Ideas To Get That Party-In-Your-Pants STARTED


4 Fun Foreplay Ideas To Try With Your Man weheartit

Great lovemaking starts with great foreplay. In order to get you there, here are a number of really fun foreplay ideas you should try to incorporate into your love life. While you may have heard of some before, you'll find that others are new and very inspiring.

You don't need to use long, drawn out foreplay on your man every single time you have sex, but if you do have a good deal of free time together, then it's going to make sex way hotter and fun for both of you.


1. Tease your man.


This is a really fun but powerful foreplay idea. I'm not talking about teasing your man in a way that makes fun of him; I'm talking about teasing him on what he is about to experience. In other words, I'm talking about the type of teasing where you are controlling the pace of what's happening. This will have him waiting and eagerly anticipating what's about to come next.


So, what are some good ways to tease your man? If you are not planning on getting together until the evening, then try starting early in the morning with a text or a phone call. It doesn't need to be super-dirty or naughty — something as simple as, "Can't wait to see you later" works great.

Another great way to tease your man is when you are actually together but can't get intimate, like when you are in a restaurant or a bar together. Start to tell him what you plan to do to him later. You could say something like, "I can't wait till we're alone. I'm going to rip your clothes off and have my way with you."

2. Kiss him passionately.

As you get older, you might start to see kissing your man as something tame and even a bit lame as you are getting sexual with him. It is tame if you kiss him non-stop and all-the-time. But if you kiss your man more sparingly and really kiss him with passion, then it's going to be a lot hotter and a much bigger turn-on for him, especially when you take control of kissing him.


The next time you are starting physical foreplay with your man, don't wait for him to start kissing you; take a little control, grab him and kiss him with passion. You'll be surprised to see just how much this foreplay idea turns your man on.

3. Shower him with compliments.


Your man may pretend to be "all man," a guy who is tough and never needs others to make him feel good about himself. Your boyfriend certainly may be "all man," but even if he doesn't say it, he'll still really appreciate getting genuine compliments from you.


Complimenting your man is a great way to both show him how much you care about him as well as massaging his ego. Massaging your man's ego is an awesome way to turn him on in a way that isn't necessarily physical. There are just 2 rules that you need to know when complimenting him:

  1. Be genuine. Don't tell him things you don't really believe yourself.
  2. Don't go overboard. There is no need to compliment him 50 times a day. A few times a week is perfect.

4. Play fight.

Play fighting is one of the weirder foreplay ideas that I recommend. It's a great way to start getting physical with him in a fun way. Play fighting with your man is just like when you joked around with friends when you were a kid. It's nothing serious, just a bit of fun.

The only hard thing about play fighting is starting it in a way that's natural. It's easiest when you're both in bed together. The key is joking around with your man first. Pretend to misinterpret something he said and give him a flirty push away or a gentle punch. Joke with him that you think you're stronger. Ask him in a flirty way if he thinks he's stronger than you and then ask him to prove he is.


There is something that many couples find very erotically charged about play fighting with each other. For many, it's like a gentle form of dominance and submission.


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