7 Incredible Anal Sex Positions For Hot, ORGASMIC Sex From Behind

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7 Incredible Anal Sex Positions For Orgasmic Sex From Behind

Great anal sex is comprised of 3 important elements: The first is the right stroke from your man. The second is enough experience to make it feel great for the both of you. And the third is the right sex positions.

When you combine these 3 things, then you have a recipe for great anal sex, just like I teach in the anal sex guide.

In this article, I want to talk about the best anal sex positions to try with your man. Picking the right position is crucial if you want to make sure that both the giver and receiver enjoy it.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best anal sex positions you can try:

1. Washing Machine


The washing machine is a particularly fun anal sex position to try out with your man. To perform it you are going to need either a washing machine, dish washer, or a tumble dryer to lean on.

The receiving partner needs to get in position first so that they are leaning over the washing machine with their belly resting on it and their genitals in contact with it. Next turn on the washing machine. The receiver then enters from behind and starts thrusting.

The fun part about the washing machine anal sex position is the vibrations!

If you are a girl receiving, then you may find leaning over the corner of the washing machine best as it allows your vagina better contact with the washing machine.

2. Traditional Doggy Style


I decided to include traditional doggy style in this guide as it's the perfect position for learning how to have anal sex where the receiver has a lot of control. To get in position, the receiver simply gets down on their hands and knees while the giver enters from behind while on their knees (just like how dogs do it!).

The great thing about traditional doggy style is that it allows the receiver to control how fast and deep they take it as well as when they want it to stop (by simply leaning forward).

The giver also has a number of options as to what they do during traditional doggy style. If they want they can lean forward and grab their partners shoulders to pull them in and penetrate them more vigorously.

Grabbing their waist also works for this too, or if they want to totally change the angle of penetration, they can lean right back.

3. Frog Leap


The frog leap anal sex position is for those that want to try something a little more energetic. Getting set up in the frog leap position requires a little strength and flexibility from the receiver. They need to remain on their toes while squatting down.

Next, they need to lean forward and rest on their hands while keeping their legs bent. The giver then gets down on his knees and enters their partner from behind.

One really great trick to make the frog leap position easier for the receiver is to get them to widen their stance by spreading their legs apart. For some couples, they find it easier for the receiver to only crouch down slightly while the giver remains standing.

4. The Turtle


If either you or your partner enjoys feeling submissive, then you will love the turtle anal sex position. To perform it, the receiver needs to kneel down and then use their arms to pull themselves right down onto the bed by wrapping them behind their legs and pulling while keeping your legs together.

This is where the turtle position gets its name from, you'll be very tight and compact, just like a turtle. Meanwhile, the other partner will be on their knees penetrating from behind. They can hold onto your waist to penetrate you with more power. You'll notice that when you perform it, you'll literally look like a turtle, all tight and compact!

5. Stairway To Heaven


The stairway to heaven anal sex position is perfect for performing on... stairs. The receiver gets into position first kneeling down on the stairs while facing up it and using their hands to steady themselves. The giver will then either be standing upright or on their knees and enter from behind.

The stairway to heaven position is perfect for couples that get caught up in the moment and can't make it to the bedroom. It's also perfect if you find that you need a change of scenery.

6. The Jockey


In the jockey anal sex position, the giver is going to be doing all the work while the receiver gets to lie down and enjoy it. Getting set up in the jockey position is simple. The receiver simply lies down on their belly while keeping their legs together.

The giver then kneels right over the receiver while facing their back and leans forward after entering them. They can then rest their hands on the receivers back, shoulders or the bed as they penetrate the receiver.

The jockey position is a fantastic anal sex position as it allows for angles that you may not normally hit during anal sex.

7. Rear Entry


The last position that we will be covering in the anal sex positions guide is the rear entry position. In some ways, the rear entry is similar to the jockey as the receiver will be lying down on their stomach, except this time they will have their legs spread apart.

The receiver then lies right on top of them and enters them. If they like, the receiver can support themselves using their hands instead of resting their weight on their partners back. If the receiver enjoys it, they can push back on their partner.

Many couples enjoy it when the giver rests their weight on top of the receiver giving the receiver a slight feeling of being crushed and dominated.

If you enjoyed learning about these 7 different anal sex positions but want to know more great sex positions (112 to be precise) to try out with your partner, then you may be interested in checking out the sex positions guide on the Bad Girl's Bible website as well as the jam packed newsletter.