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3-5 years


Cambridge MA 02138 - United States



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Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"It's time for your love life to thrive!" -Samantha Burns, The Millennial Love Expert

About Samantha Burns

As the Millennial Love Expert, I'm a Licensed Counselor and Dating Coach, and the love guru behind lovesuccessfully.com.  I combine my clinical counseling skills, research based techniques, and directive support to coach singles and couples on how to create a love life that thrives!I I work with individuals and couples around the country to tackle issues around breaking up, dating, increasing relationship satisfaction, and coping with infidelity.

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I'm passionate about helping men and women empower themselves and their love lives. My goal is to help you gain a better understanding of your relationship problems, and provide you with knowledge, strategies, tools, and coping skills to boost your mood and strengthen your relationship. I want to help you love successfully and have greater satisfaction in your life experiences--whether it's the good stuff, like falling in love or maintaining happiness as a couple, or the bad stuff, like getting dumped or cheated on. 

I can help if you:

-Are totally overwhelmed with dating (whether online or "organically")

-Are frustrated with the lack of emotional or physical intimacy in your relationship

-Just learned about an affair or cheating and don't know whether to stay or leave 

-Are struggling to cope with a break up and are walking around in zombie mode

-Sabotage new relationships, or continue to pick the wrong partners


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Samantha Burns Success Stories

Feeling Good Again After I Caught My Wife Cheating

Couples considering divorce

"When I learned that my wife was having an affair, my world crumbled. I was in emotional trauma and could not function. After working with Samantha, I was able to regain my sense of normalcy and begin to feel good about myself again."more

*Samantha protects the anonymity of her clients

How Do I Know When to Breakup with Someone I Love?

Women seeking to end a relationship

How did Samantha help you through your breakup? How were you feeling before and after working together?more

"Samantha helped me determine whether breaking up with my long-time ex-boyfriend was the right decision for me. I had a hard time letting go of someone who was such a staple in my life, but Samantha gave me the confidence to do what I knew deep down was right. After going through with the breakup, I felt like a weight had been lifted."


What qualities or techniques were most helpful?

"I felt consumed by the stress of whether or not I should go through with my breakup. Samantha taught me to save my stress for "stress time" or for our sessions together - this helped me get on with my daily routine without so much unproductive negativity. Samantha also helped me determine what qualities in a partner are most important to me. She helped me establish what I can't live without and what I can compromise on. Developing such a concrete picture of what I'm looking for helped me not waste time on men who were poor matches for me, and recognize right away when someone was a good fit." 


Do you think Samantha can be helpful to other people considering a breakup?

"Absolutely. I feel lucky to have found Samantha to help me through one of the more difficult times in my life."

*Samantha protects the anonymity of her clients. Samantha is happy to share that this client fell deeply in love with a new man following her breakup, and they just moved in together. She suspects a proposal is in the near future!

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