How To Reclaim Femininity & Spiritual Rebirth During The 'Pink' Full Moon On April 27

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Here’s exciting news for you: The first super moon of 2021 arrives on Monday, April 26th at 11:33 p.m. ET. And it will be a pink full moon!

First things first, what is a super moon?

Scientifically, the moon’s orbit around the Earth is not round but elliptical, which is like an oval.

This means that there are places during the regular orbit when the moon is a bit closer and it looks bigger. In fact, it appears about 15 percent bigger. That's why it’s called a super moon.

The full moon has been capturing people's attention since the dawn of mankind.

There are many myths and rituals focused on the giant, shimmering disk in the night sky.

One potent benefit of the full moon is that it sheds light during the dark night, chasing shadows away.

The time-honored belief is that things that were hidden during other times of the moon cycle and various mysteries will be revealed with the help of the moon.

Also, greater clarity becomes possible, as the brilliant moonbeams shine down from the midnight heavens.

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The moon has been thought to embody feminine energy through the ages. It’s also considered to be a Goddess or having wise grandmotherly energy.

For a better understanding of why this is, take a moment to picture the Yin-Yang symbol in your mind. The white half is said to be masculine, while the black half is thought of as feminine.

According to ancient wisdom, this is based on likening the dark night to the womb — a dark, mysterious, and powerful place of creation. Procreation was certainly a mystery in primitive times.

Since the moon appears in the darkness, it has taken on this feminine essence.

But the feminine aspects are even stronger this month because the April full moon is traditionally called the pink moon.

Native Americans gave it this name because April is when the wild ground phlox blooms like a carpet consisting of delicate pink flowers. However, the moon won’t look pink, so don’t be disappointed.

The burst of pink blossoms offers a sense of hope after a long winter. Pink is a highly feminine hue that represents love and self-love.

With a flirty vibration, pink reminds you of a young woman’s blush when she flirts. It’s also a happy, cheerful color that brightens up the wearer or any living space.

April is perfect for planting seeds for what you want to manifest in life. Spend time connecting with the moon to reclaim your feminine energy.

Take advantage of this time for spiritual rebirth, regeneration, and growth.

Learn to trust yourself, your feminine wiles, and your instincts. Tap into these aspects of yourself which are a natural part and benefit of being a woman.

Here are 5 ways to reclaim your femininity and spiritual rebirth during the pink full moon.

1. Indulge in pampering.

There are many kinds of self-care and ways to pamper yourself! Whether you get a facial, have your nails done, or get a makeover, a little pampering goes a long way to bring out your feminine side.

Take a scented bubble bath, buy a sexy outfit, or enjoy a glass of Champagne. Or you can indulge in something sweet like chocolate-dipped strawberries — yum!

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2. Love yourself.

A woman who loves herself has a level of confidence that shows. To get that self-assured glow, learn to be kind to yourself. Start by noticing how you talk to yourself internally.

Your inner voice has an important job, which is to keep you safe and from looking foolish. But, this also can be harsh and limiting.

When your inner dialogue is mean or cruel, you want to wake up and stop in your tracks. Ask yourself, "Is this how a woman who loves herself talks to herself?" No way!

The full moon is a great time to learn to be kind, supportive, and loving to yourself. Talk to yourself internally with care and encouragement.

This shift in self-talk offers amazing results. When your inner voice is on your side, imagine what you can do!

With a bit of repetition, you'll get skilled at being your own cheerleader, who helps you feel more satisfied and loving towards yourself and the world.

The night of the pink full moon is a great time to love yourself first, so you have the energy to love and care for others.

3. Tap your intuition.

Your intuitive ability is an innate part of your feminine nature and coded into your DNA. You might already use your inner-knowing without realizing it.

Have you ever heard the phone ring and knew who it was without looking? There you go!

The best thing is that your intuition can be a supportive resource for your life. You might turn inward when you need answers and begin to rely on this valuable, inborn resource.

Develop your inner knowing through meditation which quiets the mind, so you can hear the messages your higher-self and spirits have for you.

Talk with spirit guides, ancestors, or angels in meditation. The pink full moon is perfect for this activity!

4. Connect with Goddess energy.

Choose a Goddess that is a good archetype for your life now or go for one who is aspirational.

You can look them up online to decide which one is right for you or pick a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Deck or a similar one.

Close your eyes, get into a meditative state, and imagine your chosen Goddess coming to visit you.

If you're seeking a spiritual rebirth, ask the moon Goddess to shed her light on you for change and transformation. You can also request guidance, healing energy, or to up-level your frequency. It's totally up to you.

Enjoy time with the Goddess and be sure to thank her for whatever gifts she shares with you.

5. Celebrate the moon.

Whether you've been conducting moon ceremonies for years or are new to the idea, don't miss out on April's pink full moon. You can get as elaborate as you like or keep it super simple.

You'll find tons of suggestions on the web for celebrations but here's a simple one to start with.

You'll need a smudge stick (made from dried sage and sweetgrass or juniper) or Palo Santo wood, matches, and a candle. Pick some yoga or meditative music (you can easily find these on YouTube).

For the fun of it, put on an outfit that is feminine and feels special or celebratory.

Shut off your phone and T.V. then play the music you selected. Light your candle and then your smudge stick or Palo Santo wood. Once lit, blow out the smudge stick or wood so it smokes.

Then, begin to clear your energy by waving the smoke over your body from head to toe. This eliminates negativity and energy that no longer serves you.

Next, make a list of what you are grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful way to elevate your frequency. The higher the vibe, the more you feel the moon's energy.

Then close your eyes and imagine shimmering moonbeams shining down and washing over you. Allow the moon's energy to cleanse you, and then fill you with that mystical femininity it's so famous for.

Now, imagine a sparkling, pink cloud of loving energy swirling down gently from the sky, wrapping around you with pure heavenly love. Feel a sense of calm and peace surround you, as well as love from the Universe.

Close your celebration by asking the moon for a blessing for the month to come. Beautiful! Be sure to thank the moon for all she brings into your life such as magic, bright light on a dark night, and a mystical, spiritual connection.

Congratulations! You've now successfully celebrated the full pink moon.

This year, there are only two super moons — the first in April and the second in May, making this a spring to remember!

Reclaim your feminine energy and enjoy your spiritual rebirth which is possible every year in springtime.

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