9 Ways His Body Language Is Saying “I Love You”

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Does He Love Me? Signs He Loves You Based On The Body Language Of Men

You and your man haven't said "I love you," yet, and maybe you're dying to find out how to tell if he likes you more than he's willing to say.

People communicate with body language more than they realize, and even if you've never said the words yet, there are still ways to find out how he feels without him saying a single word.

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So how can you read his body language to find signs he secretly loves you if a man hasn’t said that heart-thumping word? The anticipation can be hard to handle, as feelings blossom and your hope for more with him grows.

You might not want to be direct and ask him. That could be awkward and certainly isn’t advisable. Cornering a man about whether or not he loves you is most likely to cause him to run. And you probably don’t want to be the first to say it, hoping he reciprocates.

That can be completely humiliating if he doesn’t say he loves you, too.

So, how else can you tell? Simple. Watch his body language!

There are a number of signals that give away his true inner feelings whether he’s ready to tell you how he feels or not, but body language doesn’t lie!

Often, men don’t even realize they're exposing their true feelings with the way they hold themselves, but if you know what to look for, you'll be able to pick up on his language even if he doesn't say a word.

Here are 9 easy ways to tell if he loves you by reading his body language:

1. His toes point toward you

When a man is into you, he'll automatically position his feet to point at you. Seriously, this happens whether you're standing in a bar, eating at a restaurant, or at home.

Toes pointing your way always reveal a man’s interest, but experts also say this indicates deeper feelings like love.

Your feet naturally point to the people you like or feel close to.

2. He mimics your body language

When a man feels close to you, he's likely to mirror your moves. This isn’t something he’s thinking about — it just happens automatically.

Little things, like when you walk side by side, you’ll be on the same foot at the same time and moving at the same pace. He may yawn after you do, or lean forward to listen more intently when you're speaking.

You may even both pick up a cup of coffee simultaneously. You just seem to be on the same wavelength and it’s a bit magical, really.

3. He develops "private rituals" with you

You always say goodbye with three kisses. Whenever he hugs you, he taps you on the back twice, signaling the end. If you say the same thing at the same time — you salute each other.

It’s the crazy little things that only the two of you know about, which is how you know he cares and has a bond with you.

4. You get a feeling like you're "in sync" with each other

While watching your favorite TV show together, you look at each other and know what the other person's thinking. It's not really mind reading — or is it?

Maybe something happens while you're out with friends and you look at each other, knowing you're both having the same reaction to what just happened.

This is definitely a sign of being in sync with him!

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5. He meets your eyes for long periods

You can look into each other’s eyes for relatively long stretches of time. Minutes go by as you drink each other in. This kind of intense intimacy is impossible for people who aren't in love.

Mothers also do this with their new babies as part of the bonding process. There are no other situations where people enjoy this kind of eye contact.

It’s a very special connection, and the meaning is hard to deny.

6. He doesn't mind sharing personal space with you

People who aren’t in love like to maintain a certain amount of personal space at all times.

You try to not touch others and apologize when you do brush against or touch someone by mistake. That’s because entering someone else’s personal space is uncomfortable if it happens by accident.

But when he’s in love, he’ll plop down on the couch practically on top of you without a second thought. Or he’ll want to sit on the same side of the table when you’re out at a restaurant.

Why? Because he doesn’t want space between you! He wants to be close to the one he loves.

7. He smiles and laughs frequently

When you're in love, you'll naturally smile more when you spend time together. He’ll hold that smile longer than what seems normal, or smile at you for no apparent reason. That’s because he’s happy!

The same thing is true for laughter. This is a sign of feeling at ease and joyful — a lightness of being that often indicates he’s in love. This is part of the giddiness that new love is known for.

8. He touches you whenever he can

You just can’t keep your hands off each other, even if you haven’t slept together yet.

Affectionate play such as tickling, hand-holding, or poking you to get your attention can say a lot about how he feels about you.

These are endearing signals that he’s falling for you big time.

9. He often adopts a "masculine stance"

To enhance their masculinity, some men will sit with their knees apart and put their hands behind their head, elbows open wide. This is also true when a man puts his hands on his hips or his fingers in his belt, or puffs out his chest to make himself look bigger.

This body language is all about taking up space and staking out his territory to claim the space he’s in. And you're part of that! A man in love wants others to know you're his.

Knowing the signs to watch for, you’ll be able to figure out how he feels just by watching his moves. If you see more than one, you can start to rest easy that he’s not just into you, he probably loves you.

Now you can relax a little and stop fretting so much, as he’s likely to express his feelings in words by actually telling you that he loves you very soon!

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