3 Simple Steps To Find Love Now

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You’re going to discover some crucial secrets that will finally set you free, including:
  • 3 simple steps to stop the frustration and lonliness and get on the fast track to attracting love.
  • You'll get access to the "Attract Love in 5 Steps" class - at no cost.
  • You’ll discover the one & only reason most women (and men) continue to struggle and have dismal love lives–year after year.

If you want to be one of the handful of women who seem to have a magic secret to…

  • Attract only quality men whom seem to be impossible to find by most women.
  • Always get their relationships to go from casual to committed effortlessly.
  • Avoid going on dead-end dates or suffering from dating burnout.
  • Are 100% confident in their love lives, with men and the choices they make.
  • Enjoy long-term relationships full of passion, mind-blowing sex and companionship.
If you want these things, then you're in right place. I wrote this article for you.
A few years ago, on December 31st, I stopped dating and did 5 simple things… 35 days later my one-in-seven-billion man literally walked into my life. I’m not telling you all of this to brag. What I want you to focus on is that fact that there is no such thing as luck or things "just happening." People who enjoy a passionate love life, abundance of money and career success actually do something to attract it. Some very specific things.
You may not have never heard of some of this stuff. It may even be the complete opposite of what you’ve read or heard, but don’t let that stop you from trying it. If you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing your love life will be worse than it is now (if you even have one). It’s time to try something new! I want you to have freedom and choices when it comes to your personal and love life. Let me share exactly what you need to do today to get on the fast track to a hot, passionate love life!Did you know that ALL single women looking for love are in one of 4 'phases' that is ruining their love lives (and they don’t even know it)?

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Yes. It’s a vicious cycle – the hamster wheel or love roller coaster as the industry calls it. It’s why we, unfortunately, end up burned out instead of in love. Frustrated, we throw ourselves into businesses and other things we do to avoid thinking about our love lives. Here are immediate action steps that will put you on the fast track to meet quality men, have a hot date, a long-term relationship or whatever it is you desire.
Step 1: Discover Where You Are On the Dating Ferris Wheel™
Most women are aware of patterns of types of love partners they attract, but are largely unaware of the dating Ferris wheel they’re riding. Take a moment to see where you are. This is the first step to getting free of the whole dating, love and relationship madness (or dry spell you are experiencing). Imagine a Ferris wheel with 4 seats on it (at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock). There really is no beginning and there is no end. If you're dating, you're at one of these points:
When you start this phase, spirits are high. You're hoping for the best. You're dating online or offline. Perhaps your friends and family are fixing you up. Then things get a bit old. You could likely be serial dating, not having too many second dates. Hopes start to fade, which leads to...
The string of serial dates continue marking this phase with disillusionment. You start to prefer staying home, going out with your friends or anything else not related to dating. On the more serious end, you could start feeling depressed. Then you hit...
You don't want to go on dates anymore cause it's just not fun. Your energy is drained and you spend lots of time alone - even rejuvenating, doing your nails, watching movies and staying at home. You take a voluntary (or involuntary) mancation(tm) - a vacation from dating men. This feels good for a while and then you move into...
You start feeling lonely and long for passionate sex, deep connection, fun companionship, a date or a long-term relationship. You feel lost. You start thinking that dating isn't so bad after all and the cycle begins again with the DATING PHASE.
Finally, today there is a different choice. You can get off the Ferris wheel, hamster wheel, roller coaster or whatever you call it for good.
Step 2: Break the Vicious Cycle.
Most women in Europe don’t have to endure boring dead-end dates to meet men like we do in the USA (and perhaps in the country you’re in, too). After a decade living in various countries in Europe, it became blatantly clear why American women suffer from dating burnout.
Thinking back I realized that in ten years I didn’t have to endure any dead-end dates, before I went out with a guy. I knew what I needed to know about him from people I trusted. It wasn’t a gamble. I never even had a dating profile online for personal reasons, but I did so for a few months when doing some research for my business.
Yet, my social calendar was jam-packed – I didn’t have to spend an evening alone – unless I wanted to. That is, until I returned to the USA – and it hit me! I started dating again “American” style, and it felt like work. Gone was my carefree, dead-end-date-free, luscious love-filled life. It became painfully obvious that we ate Kibbles & Bits from the dating “dog dish” – while our European sisters dined on filet mignon served on silver platters. A bit dramatic, but honestly, having dated on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s the truth.
Avoid dating fatigue and burnout by refusing to serial date. This is about fun! Serial dating is tedious. Why put up with it? In Europe, women refuse to waste hours and hours of their precious time with a man they do not know.
Step 3: Try Something New and Unusual.
You’ll love this story (and the gift)!
I recently had an eye-opening chat with a client who happens to be blissfully married to a hunky, hot man from Argentina. Before meeting him, she had been divorced for many years before he (literally) walked into her life.
What’s fascinating (and unusual) is the how he came into her life. She took 5 unusual ACTIONS that attracted him to her like a heat seeking missile to it's target. (I am pretty sure you are NOT doing these things!) These are actual action steps you can take to attract an amazing man (or woman) into your life in just weeks! With 2012 almost here, how handy would that be?
By now, you’re super-curious to get your hands on these 5 steps for FREE. But first, tell me if you are a chicken or a pig? Don't be insulted! I'm not calling you a coward or fat! Let me share something that will make this very clear.
A bacon and egg breakfast is the perfect example of what separates the 90% of women who flounder, waste time and watch the years fly by as they read hundreds of blog posts, listen to podcasts, ask unhappily married girlfriends for advice and read tons of books that contradict each other.  She's the one who's always seeking the magic pill or next fad instead of getting to the root of the problem and taking new action. She hopes, wishes and says she wants love. It stops there.
Then there is the woman who belongs to the elite 10%. She actually makes a decision and commits to attracting love into her life. She doesn’t let time, business, money, children, a messy divorce or her past stop her. She gets out there. She invests in her self-growth and education, because she realizes that she does not know how to get from where she is to where she wants to be. She lives her best, most luxurious life instead of waiting on it. She is committed.

So what’s that got to do with breakfast? A lot. You see, when it comes down to the seriousness of contributing to a bacon & egg breakfast…

The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed.
The chicken only contributed an egg. No sweat. The pig was committed 100% and put it's skin in the game (literally). What about you?
Are you a chicken or are you a pig?
Be 100% honest with yourself. Burying your true feelings will only make things worse for you. The results you have in your life right now never lie. You either have the dating, love life or relationship you want - or you don't.
There are those of us who "wish, hope and wait" for something to happen. Then there are those of us who put our skin in the game – we commit.
The bad news is that if you do not do something different right now, at this very moment, then next year will be just like this year (and the last), but worse. No scare tactics, just the truth. As time passes, the older we get, it's more of a challenge to attract a high quality man. Let’s be real and clear, this is what you’re up against.
Here's the good news...I'm going to teach you 5 simple steps to attract love into your life - FAST.
• It could happen in 48 hours like it did for a client's husband.
• It could happen in 35 days like it did for me.
• It could happen in 88 days like it did for my client Tatyana.
• It could happen in 7 months like it did for my client Erin.

It won't take years if you do it right. It all depends on how you use the 5 steps you're going to discover. But I'll only share them if you fully commit to yourself by taking an action step.

Just click on the link above to sign up and I'll send you the info you need to attend. If you are truly ready for long-term love, warm hugs, passionate sex and someone you can confront life with – who will be there to support you no matter what.
Don’t get left behind.
In service and with love,
P.S. Don't keep the love of your life waiting. Get access to the free e-class at www.MagneticMojo.com/
Are you going to continue being a chicken or are you going to start being a pig today? Being a pig is a good thing. Oink! Oink!
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