3 Simple Steps To Find Love Now

Step 2: Break the Vicious Cycle.
Most women in Europe don’t have to endure boring dead-end dates to meet men like we do in the USA (and perhaps in the country you’re in, too). After a decade living in various countries in Europe, it became blatantly clear why American women suffer from dating burnout.
Thinking back I realized that in ten years I didn’t have to endure any dead-end dates, before I went out with a guy. I knew what I needed to know about him from people I trusted. It wasn’t a gamble. I never even had a dating profile online for personal reasons, but I did so for a few months when doing some research for my business.
Yet, my social calendar was jam-packed – I didn’t have to spend an evening alone – unless I wanted to. That is, until I returned to the USA – and it hit me! I started dating again “American” style, and it felt like work. Gone was my carefree, dead-end-date-free, luscious love-filled life. It became painfully obvious that we ate Kibbles & Bits from the dating “dog dish” – while our European sisters dined on filet mignon served on silver platters. A bit dramatic, but honestly, having dated on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s the truth.
Avoid dating fatigue and burnout by refusing to serial date. This is about fun! Serial dating is tedious. Why put up with it? In Europe, women refuse to waste hours and hours of their precious time with a man they do not know.