Why Too Much Self-Sacrifice Negatively Impacts Your Life’s Journey

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Are you sacrificing yourself? Your needs? Your wants? Your dreams?

You, like many people, possibly believe that there's a level of acceptable self-sacrifice you need to practice; that you need to give up on the things that are important to you in order to help the ones you love achieve their goals.

After all, maybe you and your partner had kids early on, so you gave up your dream of travel in order to stay home and care for them.


Or maybe your spouse got a much-needed promotion and needed you to let go of some of your dreams, so you could both relocate to a new city for their work.

Maybe it's even simpler, in letting your kids eat the ice cream you specifically picked out for yourself because they're having a fit — even though it's the thing you were looking forward to at the end of the day.

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Self-sacrifice might seem noble and healthy, but in many cases it is the opposite 

What does self-sacrifice really ask of you? Sometimes, it keeps you from who you're really meant to be.

Self-sacrifice comes in many forms, some small, some large, and all of these things impact you in ways you may not even realize

So, why does this take you off of your path? It's important to consider why you're here to begin with.

We're all here to experience and express ourselves.

We come to Earth in physical form to experience being separate and learn and express ourselves as individuals. You take that back with you when you go home to the other side again, where there is unity and oneness with everyone.


Being separated into bodies, you can compare yourself to others and can really learn, experience, and express who you are.

You learn how you're different from everyone else, so it's so important for you to value yourself and authentically express who you are, or you can't fully do what you came here for.

So many see self-sacrifice as this noble thing, but it really isn't. There's a difference between giving/helping and sacrificing.

When you give from a place of sacrifice, you deplete yourself.

And on a bigger scale, depleting yourself depletes others, as well. When you sacrifice yourself, you aren't able to fully express yourself, which is why you're here.


When you put yourself first, you have much more to give and can do so without hurting or sacrificing yourself at all. So, being your full un-depleted self, you can actually give way more.

When you sacrifice, you are limited and eventually burn out — and then you aren't good for anyone.

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Excessive parental self-sacrifice sets a poor example for children.

Also, when parents are constantly sacrificing themselves, then kids inevitably start doing that as they grow up as well, and they can't fully express themselves, either.


It becomes a vicious cycle.

Showing that you value yourself and can accomplish what you need to without sacrificing or putting yourself last is the best gift you can pass down to your children.

Too much sacrifice leads to a dead-end.

Sacrifice only leads to lack and depletion and attracts more circumstances where you need to sacrifice. It's a dead-end road that adds problems to your life.

It's like the oxygen mask on a plane. If you sacrifice yourself to put the mask on your child first, you may not make it long enough to put the mask on them, and then you both die.

But if you take care of and value yourself and put that mask on you first, you can save both of you and probably others along the way, as well.


Really value yourself and put yourself first! This will pass down generations and help so many along the way.

Sacrificing and being a martyr is not noble.

Taking care of yourself first is how you can really make a bigger difference in the world. And of course, expressing yourself and what you want, which is what you are here for.

Sacrifice in your life can also affect your finances and every other area of your life.

That sacrifice energy permeates throughout your whole life and can cause a lot of negative patterns for you. It's never worth it.


Look at your life — what are you sacrificing?

Start making changes and start valuing yourself more, and let go of all that sacrifice!

Doing so will not only help you, but will help those you are sacrificing for. Focus on nurturing you and expressing yourself at the soul level.

Use your purpose gift in all you do that will attract more and more to you, which then you can use to help others. That is who you are at soul level, so the more you use it the more you are doing what you are here for.

Let go of that self-sacrifice and let in so much more! Get off that dead-end path and get on your true path!

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