How To Find Love: 3 Ways You Could Be Blocking Yourself

Are you getting in your own way?

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Do you want to know how to find love that lasts?

It's important to look deep and make sure you're not getting in your own way of real love.

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In fact, there are 3 common blocks to finding real love that you need to avoid.

1. You're holding onto the past.

When you're still holding on to the past or past love, that stops you from moving forward. Any ties to the past literally keep you tied there.

Those ties can never allow you to move forward in any way — they will always pull you back. Those ties physically, mentally, and emotionally hold you back and block not only love, but other things you want to move forward with.

Look deep and tie up any loose ends and close any open doors. All doors must be closed and locked tight in order to open any new ones.


There are many ways to be stuck in the past. It could be still holding out hope an old love will come back, or literally still seeing your ex and not fully letting go.

It could be reliving something you wish you did differently in the past or reliving your "glory days."

You can create even better times ahead, but not if you are still stuck in the past and think those were your best times.

There are so many ways to be blocked by not letting go of the past. So be mindful and be sure you aren't holding onto the past in any way.

Let go, so you can move forward to better, to real love!

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2. You're mistreating yourself.

This is a big one. If you're mistreating yourself or putting yourself last, you can only attract others that will mistreat you and put you last, as well.

Real love would not mistreat you, so this leads to never being able to attract real love.

Martyrs cannot attract real love — remember that. Don't put yourself down or last.

Remember, the oxygen mask must go on you first! You must treat yourself right and respect yourself in order to attract real love.

Look at how you see yourself and treat yourself. Start treating yourself like you want your love to treat you.

Cherish and truly love yourself. Happiness and confidence are big love attraction magnets.


Love yourself so you can find someone that truly loves you, as well.

3. You're staying with someone you shouldn't be with for way too long.

This is another one. People tend to try to make a relationship work and hope it will change far after they should have left.

The longer you stay and accept things you shouldn't, the more of that you will attract into your life, so it becomes a vicious cycle.

If a relationship is not working for you after trying to work on it, then let it go. The longer you stay, the worse it gets, and the longer it will be until you can find true love.

Staying where you aren't happy only tells the universe that you want that. And more things you aren't happy about will show up in your life — in all areas.


Our choices create our lives.

Only choose what you do want. Show the universe what you really want, instead of what you don't want.

What we allow or accept is basically ordering more of it onto our lives. So, don't accept or allow anything you don't want.

Create what you do want instead of more of what you don't want. Look carefully: What are you accepting or putting up with that you shouldn't be?


Work on these things to attract real love. Don't get in the way of love. Get ready for love!

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