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Intimate relationships are our most profound teacher, and lead us to our best selves...if we are willing to do the work.

About Karen Jones

Karen Jones has been helping women get their heart's desiret: to have a scrumptious relationship with a man who is a great fit for them. Karen founded The Heart Matters, a relationship coaching and training company, in 1997.  Her book, Men are Great, was published in 2007.

Karen has helped hundreds of women--married, single, or at some stage in between--have their dreams come true with men.

Women can choose from coaching services, special events, recommended resources, and a free monthly newsletter called "Ask the Coach".

In addition to being passionate about the work she does with women, Karen adores spending time with her husband of 19 years, Craig. You can often spot them walking along the river near their home outside Boston, MA.

Karen Jones Success Stories

Miraculous Turn-Around

Women seeking a relationship

"You have been an incredible, positive influence in my life that used to be filled with negativity. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support to permanently change my life in the most amazingly positive way! You are simply an incredible human being!" - LG, PA 

Surprise Engagement

Women starting over

"My dear -- K proposed on Sunday!! It was wonderful, I was completely surprised and still a bit in shock! I am elated beyond belief -- and loving dreaming and talking together about the future! I so love him!  Thank you for all of your wise advice -- I would not be at this place without you!  K, smiling broadly, sleep deprived, and still teary-eyed!!!" - KM, MA

A Needed Attitude Shift

Women seeking a relationship

"Thank you for bringing my default context about men to my attention. I reviewed some notes and there it was all over the place. I see it in my relationships with men all over the place but especially in romantic relationships and work relationships. I either choose men that I shouldn’t trust and trust them not to take advantage of me in some way, or as soon as something doesn’t go my way with a good man, I take away my trust.  Reading your book right now and focusing on looking at men and appreciating something about them to help build that muscle." - DJ, MAmore

Note: Within a few months of this note, this woman met, and is now in love with, a wonderful man she is planning her future with!

She Thought it Would Never Happen for Her

Women seeking a relationship

"Karen, I hope you know what an enormous part you have played in my story called life! Without you, I would not be where I am today, and open to the LOVE that I am receiving! You are truly gifted and I thank you for sharing that gift with me!  I love you and appreciate you more than you will EVER know!" - SR, NY

Online Dating Support Helped

Women seeking a relationship

"I met a great guy on Match a year and a half ago-- after you helped me rewrite my profile -- and we are talking about getting married! Wahoo!  Thank you for everything!" - DC, Boston MA

Back from the Brink of Disaster

Couples dealing with general stress

"Thank you, Karen, for all your truths, your gentle honesty, your vision and purpose, your soft-spokeness and acceptance of me, and your ability to teach me self-acceptance and risk taking. It has worked--all those words you have shelled out really do count, and it is really only time, in the end, that proves them true.  Lots of love, V." - VS, ME

More Results, More Quickly

Couples in crisis

"I just want to say that I am a huge fan of yours. You are VERY good at your job and reading people. I mentioned to you that I was seeing a therapist. I saw her 5 times and got absolutely nothing out of it. It made me feel worse about my marriage. I talked with you a few hours so far in a week and have gotten positive results. I feel I can use what we are working on in all aspects of my life!" - BP, Boston MA

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