My Happiest Moment? Finding Out My (Gay) Wife Was Pregnant

My happiest moment happened in an unlikely place: a bathroom. On a cold winter morning, I waited with my wife, Charlotte, counting down the seconds as we watched for a little blue line. This wasn't the first time we had so much riding on this little line. The other times ended in heartache. This time was different. Our breath quickened as we watched the tell-tale line emerge, bright and clear as day; we were pregnant! I literally jumped with joy, doing a crazy happy dance around that small little bathroom.

It wasn't just the baby I was so happy about. All at once, I felt a wave of gratitude for being alive in this moment of history. Here we were: two women in love, running our own business, using the Internet to reach people all around the world. We were legally married after moving to New York in search of more hospitable laws. And now we were pregnant, carrying a blessed child that we created out of pure love (with a little help from a beloved gay male friend!) In that moment, standing in the bathroom with my newly pregnant wife, I felt aware of all those who had struggled against injustice and inequality in order to make that moment possible for us as queer women. I let the joy surge through my heart while also renewing my vow to continue to work towards justice and equality for all.

This won't be my happiest moment for long. In a few short weeks, I'll meet my first child. I expect the moment of gazing into my child's sweet face will be my next happiest moment, one in a series of many to come as I begin my life as a mother.