Lessons For Lesbian Moms & The Women They Date

rosie o'donnell

How to handle the unique challenges of dating a lesbian with children.

Rosie O'Donnell just had a baby with her partner, Michelle Rounds. It's the fifth child for Rosie and the first for Michelle. Rosie has four children with her former partner Kelli Carpenter.

Are you dating a lesbian who has children? Is it challenging or amazing? Likely, it's a bit of both. As a dating coach, this is an issue that comes up regularly.

If you're a lesbian mom with kids, you want them to feel okay about you dating. If you're dating a mom, you've got to navigate your feelings, her feelings, and her kids' feelings; plus there are her family's rules, which might be really different than the rules you live by every day. 

So, Michelle Rounds is like you. She's had the experience of dating a lesbian with children, and you can bet that she and Rosie have had more than a few conversations about it. I promise you it hasn't always been easy for them as a couple, or for the kids to figure out what's going on with so many moms in the picture.

As a single, lesbian mother, I was very busy in the dating world when my daughter was younger. By the time she was 12, I'd had a couple of girlfriends. Eventually, my darling daughter sat me down and said she needed to talk to me about my dating life. Keep reading ...

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