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Breast Massages May Prevent Cancer, Says Study

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Breast Massages May Prevent Cancer, Says Study

A revelation in science suggests that a simple squeeze of the breasts may help prevent malignant cells from triggering breast cancer. How, you ask? The physical pressure helps regulate the cells back to a normal growth pattern.

According to the study, cells that were effectively squashed stopped growing, even when force was removed. On the other hand, untouched cells continued to grow uncontrollably in a way that leads to cancer.

The research results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco. This is great news for women and their lovers, giving new motivation to incorporate breast massage into your sex life.

You can explore the sensual benefits of erotic breast massage and support your breast health at the same time. You can do breast massage as part of your self-care or have your lover give you a helping hand as part of a full-body sensual massage.

Breast massages lavish the breasts and chest with skillful touch. Many women love breast stimulation, but get tired of their lovers going directly for the nipple. Instead, learn how to warm up the entire chest area, then gradually build arousal in the breasts and use careful nipple stimulation to create tons of erotic sensation.

Like other forms of full body massage, breast massages emphasize graceful strokes and gentle kneading of the breast tissue to create both relaxation and pleasure.

A lot of women wear bras all day long, holding the breasts still and preventing full blood flow. A breast massage is a welcome relief at the end of a long day. Many women report a sensation of release, warmth and relaxation during breast massage. 

The health benefits of breast massages have long been established and the new study adds even more data to the existing pool of studies that suggest touching the breasts can be very healthy for women. Breast massages helps sweep out stagnant lymph from the breasts and increase blood flow, both crucial for maintaining breast health.

So, take the time to give the breasts you love a squeeze (your own or your lover's). It can be as simple as a simple squeeze and release, or you can master erotic massage skills. Either way, you'll know that you're doing something healthy and pleasurable, and you can't do better than that.

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