The Painfully Honest Reason You're So Bad With Money Right Now

The good news is, you can solve this.

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There is a clear and specific reason why you feel like something is lacking in your life. When it comes to money problems, if you're struggling to save money, not only do you feel like you don't have enough dough, but you may also feel that you are "not enough" without it. Your money issues are not a result of these falsehoods — but you may still be telling yourself:

  • I don’t work hard enough
  • I didn’t get the right education
  • There are so many bad things currently happening in the world
  • I am just not "good" enough and don't deserve it

We often tell ourselves various reasons why we don’t have enough money and point the finger outward and there is truth to all of that. People are working too hard and too many hours already but can barely pay their bills. You probably know many people who are smart but still struggle to make ends meet.


Yet, some people didn't get a good education and went through hard times in life but somehow managed to become very successful in the world. So obviously, the reasons above are not why you don’t have enough money.

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Money affects your brain on a fundamental level

Your current money situation (or lack thereof) is intimately connected to past trauma and fight-or-flight responses stuck in your nervous system.

Have you ever wondered why you avoid looking at or challenging and taking action on your finances? Well, because right there in your nervous system, at your core, is an unconscious avoidance of dealing with this fight-or-flight response.


You don’t necessarily have to have an empty savings account to feel this fight-or-flight response. We all have our version of stress response to our finances, all the way from those who have what seems like "more than enough" to those with an empty account.

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To get clarity and understanding about it, you need to feel what happens in your nervous system when you think about your finances.​ Do you notice any discomfort in your body? Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Sadness? Dissociation? Resistance? Could there be a connection?


Once you're able to identify your default reaction, you can work toward releasing that emotional charge in your nervous system that leaves you with a very narrow view of what is possible.

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This emotionally charged response from your nervous system is what stops you from moving forward

It keeps you stuck at a certain set point, no matter how hard you work, no matter how educated you are, no matter how smart you are, and no matter how good you are at what you do.

@shanila.sattar Your perception of reality is distorted depending on what your nervous system is doing. If you have a chronically dysregulation nervous system, you’re going to interpret your life experiences from a place of being really suspicious. You’re always going to think that people are against you, you’re not supported, they are out to get you, and all the things that don’t really feel good. What that means is that your body doesn’t fundamentally feel safe. The safety is needed in order for you to shift your perspective of your life experiences. follow along to learn more #nervoussystemregulation systemRegulation #Nervous system #EmotionalRegulation #SomaticHealing #SomaticMovement #FlowBreathWork #Breathwork #Healing #HealingJourney #Embodiment #SelfLove #SelfDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #Psychology #emotionalhealing ♬ original sound - Shanila Sattar

But once this charge in your nervous system is released and transformed, you can live from a different frequency that reflects on you in your world. If your relationship with money is based on old beliefs and fears from the past, take a moment to recognize those emotions don’t belong here.


Self-love does not necessarily change your finances unless and until you love yourself enough to also open up those deep, unconscious paradigms and unquestioned places that have blocked you from receiving and having enough. A lot of that work happens in the 1st and 2nd chakra, which is where the fight-and-flight response is blocking the energies from an abundant universe to flooding you, fulfill you, and flow through you.

@purposefullyzenny Everything is energy. Money is relational and therefore linked to 2nd chakra/ sacral chakra (relationship chakra) Your relationship with money and your beliefs about it will control your ability to attract it.#healingjourney #sacralchakrahealing #healingprocess #sacralchakra #fyp ♬ Money - Cardi B

Explore what is stopping you from being and having your fulfillment in life. Learn what it has cost you up until now (and not just with money) and feel inspired to dive in and release this energy in your nervous system.

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Pernilla Lillarose is a self-love mystic mentor and certified Hakomi practitioner.