10 Laws Of Love The Most Awakened Women (Who Always Get The Guys) Know FOR SURE

The rules have changed.

10 Laws Of Love The Most Awakened Women (Who Always Get The Guys) Know FOR SURE getty

Ladies, it's time to rewrite the old rules and make them fit our new reality. Could we be so bold as to claim that the 10 Commandments can be revised into the 10 loving permissions or 10 laws of love every awakened woman follows?

If you resonate, then you can too!

Truthfully, I am already living my life by those permissions, and I am inviting you to make that switch too. 

Old Rules Don't Work Anymore


The masses are waking up to higher realities and more expansive potentials. Inside we know there’s something really off in the world and that rigid rules can’t fix it.

Let’s face it, the old rules we’ve lived by for so long don’t fit anymore. Living by "should's" and "shant's" are too dogmatic and patriarchal, and completely discard the wisdom that lives in your heart.

You know there is a better way, don’t you? Somewhere deep down in your soul, you already have ideas and dreams of what can be done, or what must be done.



Yet, somehow, there’s still something holding you back because you know you have to step out on a limb, be different, change the rules, and speak your heart.

I am out on a limb. I am different. I’ve changed the rules from commandments to permissions. I speak my heart and I’m doing so much better for it.

Please follow me and step out on your own limb and start living by your own rules or Wisdom. 

What If Your Longing For A Better Way Is Not A Mistake?

What if you had been raised by the 10 Laws of Love or Loving Permissions and knew it is OK to be yourself without trying to fit into anyone’s rigid box? What if your brain’s neural wiring was set to enjoy all of yourself and express your spirit freely?


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What if the longing, inspiration, and values that you feel in your heart are the guidelines for a new world as well as a fulfilled life? Yes, what if your guidance truly comes from your own heart now?

The 10 Commandments from the good old days of Moses served an important role and still do for many. But, for you and I, we Know deep down in our hearts that of course we don't murder, covet, or bear false witness, right?

Those are no brainers and I don’t think you and I need those reminders anymore, or even having someone commanding it. Your conscience will immediately tell you that you are off somewhere. They’ve done their job and now you can go on with other more expansive expressions and guidance. You have simply stepped into your next phase of life.


You and I are here to herald in the new paradigm and soften rigid commandments into loving permissions. It simply works better that way for those of us who are awakening. The way evolution is expanding, we all need new guidelines that resonate with the new frequencies that you may already be feeling to help you step into our next stage in life. 

Moving From The Brain Down Into The Heart

Let’s take the elevator down about one foot from the top floor of your brain, down into your own Heart and get familiar with this new GPS — God’s Positioning System.

Just like learning any new system, transitioning from the head to the heart takes time to get used to, and is worth your while. I know you are already in touch with it, but nobody has given you permission to follow it yet, have they?


We are so used to needing permission to be ourselves, live by our heart, and not fit in because that’s what we’ve done for so long.

Do you feel something stirring in your heart but you're not sure what to do with it or what it means?

Well, allow me to remind you: We have moved into a New Paradigm, where the rules have changed, and for some reason, nobody told us about it, which is why you may be a little confused.


This is what has happened: you have entered into a new reality where the longing in your heart, the goodness in your soul, and the joy and inspiration filling your body are the new "commandments".

However, you don’t need to be commanded to live by these new ways. You just need to be reminded that you have permission to be kind and loving to yourself and that it’s OK to start trusting yourself again.

So, with that, I’m boldly changing the old 10 commandments into the new 10 loving permissions.

So, here are the 10 ways on how to love like a smart woman through the 10 loving permissions of the laws of love:

1. Aways put your own truth, vision, and values before anything else.


Listen carefully and take your time to try them out and get familiar with being your own authority. Speaking a clear "no" is allowed at any time when something doesn't resonate with your heart.

2. Remember: you are loved.

Make your idol your own true essence, also known as the inner divine feminine. Love her as yourself. Trust her to know what is best for you and the world.


3. Take your own inner woman seriously.

Listen to what your heart already knows without doubt or fear. Trust your own wisdom, no matter what anyone else says. Feel free to say "yes" to the new frequencies, which others may not understand yet.

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4. Take plenty of time to rest and meditate and connect with your divine feminine.

Do this so you can always live in harmony with her guidance as your deepest truth. The more you go inside, the more clear and present you'll be.

5. Honor the divine in every part of life.

When you see the world as a reflection of the divine, your heart opens up and helps heal the veil of illusion that many still live behind.


6. Remember: you are the giver of life.

Make yourself available to give birth to your awakened inner woman first. Then you can make way for the new earth to take birth through you and as you.

7. Be true to yourself.


Trust your deepest wisdom. Speak from your heart. It serves you and the world to stay connected with your deepest truth and wisdom and never sell yourself short.

8. Remember that your fulfillment lives inside your heart.

When you are connected with your inner divine flow, you will always have everything you need with your cup runneth over to share the abundance with the world.


9. Bear true witness to yourself.

See yourself in the highest light and share this light with the world by being yourself. In this light, there is no room for judging, criticizing, or doubting yourself.

10. Trust the wisdom in your heart.

The desire you feel in your heart is the Divine's way to speak to you. Follow your heart’s deepest desire and you will be fulfilled.

Can you Feel the resonance inside? Fantastic! Now go spread the good news.

Pernilla Lillarose is a Self-Love Mystic & Mentor at Divine Feminine Flow. Are you in need of support or confirmation of what you 'kind-of' already know? Feel free to contact Pernilla for a free 30 minute Discovery Session to learn if Self Love Mentoring can help you make this transition into your heart or if you want to learn more about her work first, you can download the e-book, 5 Steps To Dive Into The Divine Feminine Flow which will help you move into the 10 Loving Permissions.


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