6 Irresistibly Romantic (And Unique!) Date Ideas To Impress Her

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Dating is no picnic, especially when you’re on the hunt for The One. As the guy, you typically have the added pressure of planning the date, which makes it even harder. It’s often difficult to organize something romantic without being creepy, or something fun without screaming “friend zone”.

The trick is to create a positive, memorable experience through something new, without veering too far from the classics. Confused yet? Don’t worry. By the time you’re done reviewing this list of romantic date night ideas, you’ll know exactly what to do on your next date:

1. Attend A Carnival

Yes, carnivals are traditionally for kids. (They're also a popular setting for horror movies.) But that doesn’t mean they're not romantic and fun with the right approach. One of the best parts of romance is the cheesiness, which makes a carnival perfect. Take her around the booths and win a prize for her. Hold her hand at the top of the Ferris wheel. Don’t forget to snap a quick selfie of the two of you in front of the giant attraction!

2. Cook Her Dinner

What’s more romantic than a homemade dinner for two? If you really want to impress her, prepare something she’ll really like. Many girls today prefer healthy, low-carb meals, and you can deliver those without sacrificing on taste. Mika Kamo of Nutrition Secrets admits it's sometimes a struggle to find low carb recipes that everyone will love, but he offers a great list of delicious recipes if you’re looking for some options.

3. Feed The Ducks

Begin your date at the grocery store. Ask her to pick out some bread, but don’t tell her what it’s for. Then, drive her to a place (like a scenic local park) where you can feed the ducks. Avoid blindfolding her or anything that can be seen as creepy. Just keep it casual and fun!

4. Go Dancing

Most girls enjoy dancing, whether they’ve had formal training or not. If you really want to impress a girl on the first date, ditch the night clubs and try Latin dancing. If you’re feeling really ambitious, rent a couple of 19th century formal costumes and take her to a Jane Austen ball or similar party. The romantic evening will have her begging for a second date!

5. Go On Horseback

Horseback riding is quite unpleasant if done wrong, but if you rent a couple of well-groomed white horses and take her for a private riding lesson on the beach, her heart is as good as yours.

6. Plant A Few Trees

A girl loves a guy who’s interested in a good cause. For example, making the world a better place. Whether you join a volunteer group or choose an unpopulated area, taking an afternoon to plant trees shows your commitment to our planet, which is nothing short of attractive to most individuals.  

Dating isn’t easy, but it's enjoyable if you plan it just right. Finding the proper balance between fun and romantic is your key to going from a first date to second, third and beyond.