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Patty Contenta helps divorced women over 40 struggling with their body image feel sexy, feminine, confident and attract quality male attention without looking cheap or trashy. Her  Sensuality Secrets Ebook and Sexy In Seconds DVD Set have helped thousands of women from across the globe discover their sensuality and learn the body that triggers attraction.

About Patty Contenta

Hi, it's Patty here.
I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and answer the question you’re probably asking... “Who am I?”

I’m a woman determined to help women gain confidence by heightening their sensuality and feminine energy through the art of body language and dance.

Why body language, well...I've been in the ballroom dancing industry for almost 20 years. I started off as a jazz and hip hop dancer that migrated to the world of ballroom…which transformed my life.

I loved the possibility to influence people through dance to discover other parts of themselves…a more artistic side that brought them joy.

I then built my career as a professional dance competitor with my dance partner Martin Dontigny during which time we accumulated several awards. In 2003, after winning Canadian Open Rhythm Champion, I retired from my competitive career and shifted my focus on becoming a Master Examiner for Arthur Murray International, judge, consultant and open my own Arthur Murray dance studio.

While my professional career was gaining momentum, my personal life was falling apart. During that same year, I was going through my divorce. I was trying to recuperate from dealing with the reality that my ex-husband had been cheating on me for nearly 18 months.

I lost all self-confidence and any sense of being a sensual woman. In fact, I asked myself... “Why me?...How did I get here?...What should I learn from this?” And it was only from asking these types of questions, that answers began to come. During my search, the universe provided many opportunities for me to learn (most of these lessons arrived as men ;)

I realized to gain my self-worth, I needed to merge the woman I was on the dance floor with the woman I was off the dance floor. So, I began to apply of all the techniques that I learned throughout my competitive career to every day life…even if I felt like crap…I pretended to feel sexy. And soon after, my heart began to heal. I embraced my power as a feminine woman that can attract several men. I was in a position where I had possibility, where I had choice, where I felt beautiful again.

To this day, I’m still amazed that by acting sensual I became sensual! And, by pretending I loved my body, I really did grow to love myself!

You can see first hand how I gained my confidence back. Read all about my Sexy In Seconds Program to get all the details and watch a video on how I became magnetic!

I want you to be able to feel this same joy, this same self-love.
I encourage you to take the time to go through the site www.sensualitysecrets.com and read the articles, see the video before you consider if my programs are for you.
I’m a person with qualities and with flaws. And although my programs aren’t for every single woman in the world…I do believe they are excellent and I stand behind everything I've produced.

Sensually Yours,



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