What Does Sensuality Mean To You?

The holiday season has come and gone. This year was a particular wonderful time for me. I spent many days entertaining people that are most special to me…it was my way to express love and appreciation towards them.

During this vacation period, I got into my body, my mind and spirit even more. I allowed each encounter to be a full body experience. Now, I know this sounds sexual…but I mean it in a sensual manner. So what the heck am I trying to say? Well let’s start with a question: What does sensuality mean to you? If we analyze the word sensuality, the dictionary meaning is “the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite”. Are we always willing and open to let go and allow such enjoyment? Most of the day we spend thinking, evaluating even scrutinizing everything and everyone around us. There are times when this is necessary and there are times to shut it off. However, the task of shutting it off is not so easy because guilt often accompanies such thoughts. Let’s look at the meaning of guilt…”having committed a breach of conduct; violating law and involving a penalty”. Oooh…sounds severe doesn’t it.

As a woman, I’ve often struggled with feeling guilty…what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior. As a ballroom dancer, I’ve also struggled with what looks vulgar or what looks apprehensive when I dance. As a business woman, I’ve often felt guilty when I’m not working overtime on a project. To intensify matters, my strict Italian upbringing trained me to follow rules…because guilt was always lurking. I can accept that certain rules are meant for our safety and wellbeing…however, do we get caught up them, consequently inhibiting ourselves from discovering who we are.

Well, all I can say is taking chances, making mistakes and appreciating life lessons will unquestionably get me closer to being in touch with who I am and yearn to be. So I have become less judgmental with myself by allowing compassion towards my behavior and make room to grow…sensually. I have a new found respect for sensuality. The only way I can indulge is being in the present moment…and those moments can last as long or as short as I need them to be. What I have uncovered for myself is a fresh outlook and renewed drive to pursue my purpose.

Can sensuality be the ultimate experience of giving to yourself with no expectations except the shear expression of what it is you feel at that particular moment? And through that process have a renewed sense of being?

So we need to learn how to put ourselves in an environment where we feel safe to let go and allow expression to flow through us. That’s not easy to do. I have discovered taking charge and creating the conditions I need has guided me to cultivate more of what I long for. I call it “making love to yourself”. The way you treat yourself is the way a man or people will treat you. You’ll attract the type of relationships that will enhance your sensual spirit or weaken your feminine essence. What do you want?

Allow me to share how I spent my New Year’s Eve which helped me to let go and indulge in my sensuality. I had a party in my home where I invited friends that were open and fun. The theme was “Think with the senses…Feel with the mind”. All the guests had to wear silk pajamas. I wanted them to feel the sensation of a beautiful fabric against their skin. We sat on pillows and ate with our hands. I wanted everyone licking their fingers with delight at the taste of good food. The guests had to participate in painting a common canvas where each person had to build upon the idea of sensuality. I then proceeded to blind fold everyone to allow them to listen and dance to the music in whatever manner they wanted. By the end of the evening…there was a magical feeling of freedom.

In short, we all have the potential to create what we want. The key is knowing what we truly want. My New Year’s resolution is to be “full of myself”…to “make love to myself”…to “embrace myself”. To create precious moments were I can indulge guilt free in my body, mind and spirit. I’ve come to realize that these moments of freedom give me strength to move forward. Will you join me?

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to start giving to yourself. My ebook is a great first step to embody your feminine essence. With each chapter you will read how to move your body in order to enhance your curves and ultimately give you the freedom to be your own woman.