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Why European Women Ooze Sensuality

I recently returned from a trip to Italy and I was captivated at how comfortable women are with their bodies, every curve, every hair strand, every toe nail. They embrace the figure they were born with (no matter the shape or size) and work every body part to their advantage. They are at ease with the fact that men love to look at women and women love to be admired by men. In fact, male and female courtship is a regular discussion at the dinner table.

One night we were 6 couples having dinner…it was delicious. We ate seafood and pasta, drank wine and talked. With every glass of wine, the discussion became more heated. Just before the coffee was served, a 58 year old woman stood up and professed her beliefs on courtship...

"The man must conquer the woman, not the other way around. A woman radiates in her features and as a result a man becomes attracted to the sensual woman she portrays. Sensuality is like a magnet … it provides the woman with the choice in the man SHE wants."

Wow! I was delighted after hearing this affirmation because it confirmed my beliefs.

A woman moves differently than a man. There is a distinct sway to her walk. There is a unique swerve to her silhouette. There is a delicate contour to her shoulder. There is a soft appearance to her neck. A woman is made from a different mold than a man … so she must enhance and celebrate her anatomy. So, how do YOU accomplish this … body languageWhat Kind Of Message Does Your Body Language Send?

Let's take for example, how a woman stands. By putting your feet in the ballet 3rd position (left heel against the instep of right foot) while keeping the left knee bent and right leg straight, you can look more advantageous. By settling into your right hip (which will make it stick out), you can accentuate the curve of your waist. By resting your hand against your hipbone, you can call attention to that area of your body. All of these subtle movements make a woman appear more charming. Something that is not obvious becomes appealing.

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