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About Patsy Rae Dawson

Are you in a miserable passionless marriage? Is your masculine or feminine spirit crushed? Are you fighting for emotional survival?

Then you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

  • I don’t spend time on temporary band-aid solutions.
  • I get right to the hard-core issues that are present in nearly every passionless marriage.
  • With over 40 years of experience working with both men and women, I can help you transform your life with unique Biblical and scientific insights.

Get started by taking advantage of my FREE Passionless Marriages Self-Assessment Survey Tool. Six checklists explore surprising core issues in sexless marriages and dead bedrooms.

The survey helps you determine if your marriage is a Type 1, 2, or 3 passionless marriage. Based on your assessment, you’ll receive a self-directed plan for overcoming your heartache. Start solving your dead-bedroom problems now so you can make lasting changes.

If you need additional help, I have a limited number of 1-on-1 spots available for my Hope for Passionless Marriages & Broken Souls When All Else Fails: Sexuality & Personality Breakthrough Training. This signature program helps you knock down barriers to sexual happiness.

For more information, read my article “What’s the Connection Between Sexuality and Personality?” You’ll learn that when either your sexuality or personality gets inhibited in childhood or by a dysfunctional relationship, the other half also gets damaged.

We jumpstart your healing by setting free your genetic personality, which speeds up your sexual responses. Here’s what two recent clients said after going through the Breakthrough Program:

From Avoiding Sex to Hounding Husband For It

Patsy, I was just thanking God for you this week! We took a trip, just my husband and I, for 5 days and it was fantastic! We are doing so very great! I can't quite put into words the peace we're living in. I started craving my husband, and loving sex, and hounding him for it, ha! Internal, vaginal orgasms that make me laugh uncontrollably. (East Coast female client)

My Wife Asked Me to Move Out

I contacted Patsy after my wife told me to leave. I did her Passionless Marriages Self-Assessment Survey. She identified four problem areas I needed to work on. Then I went through her Sexuality and Personality Breakthrough Training Program.

I had done a personality assessment at work. But it didn't take into account my upbringing by drug and alcohol addicted parents. The work profile actually scored me for my masking--not my true genetic personality. Now that I know who I am, I'm claiming pieces of myself that I had buried.

I'm enjoying my children and my wife more than ever. Best of all, I quit walking on eggshells. I used to apologize for everything, even when I didn't know what I was apologizing for, just to keep the peace. I don't do that anymore. Now I'm actually solving problems instead of avoiding them.

Patsy told me that I needed to change for me regardless of what my wife did. She warned that my wife might not like the new me. But we fight a whole lot less and our home is happier and calmer. I'm not there yet, but I like how I'm changing "from the inside out" as Patsy says.

I recently recommended this program to a friend who is struggling with severe marriage problems. I told him that learning who I am helped make other things fall into place. And it's given me personal confidence I never had before. Thank you, Patsy, for sharing your wisdom. (Male 30ish client)

About Patsy

Patsy Rae Dawson is a Sexuality & Personality Breakthrough Trainer/Coach. She has been teaching women … AND MEN the secret of the brain for sharing powerful vaginal orgasms that turn into cervical kisses for over 40 years. Her expertise ranges from the joys of soulmating to the beautiful sexual teachings of the Song of Solomon to the complex issues of difficult marriages. She imparts hope with her ability to unlock the scriptures and challenge tradition views.

Her books on sexuality prove that God devotes more space in the Bible to enjoying a wonderful love life than to any other area of marriage. Learn more from her book The Song of Solomon Love Triangle: God’s Soulmating and Lovemaking Guide for a Lifetime of Passionate Sex.

For more information visit PatsyRaeDawson.com.

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