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6 Early (And Ultra Effective) Dating Texting Rules To Live By

It can be pretty nerve-racking texting someone in the early stages of a relationship. Here are 6 important texting rules to keep in mind while texting the one you like!

  1. Clear and simple: Keep texting simple. Save story telling, jokes, bio's or the description of your day for your in-person time together. Don't give too much of yourself away. This goes for X's and O's and smiley faces too.
  2. If you really like someone let them know: by saying, "Looking forward to seeing you" or "I had a great time." When they ask if your schedule is free (and it is) tell them "Yes." Being elusive or hard to get makes the other person feel as if you aren't interested in them. This only frustrates and wastes everyone's time.
  3. Give the authentic you: Usually the authentic you is kind and considerate. Right? No games! Treat this person the way you would like to be treated.  
  4. Text them back, no sooner then 5 minutes and no later then 25 minutes after they text you, unless of course you can't get to your phone. Playing the "I'm going to make them wait" game is just a waste of time and truly isn't what you want to receive back. It shows a level of maturity when one texts back in an appropriate time frame.  
  5. Assume the best: What we put out in the universe is what we get back. Always assume that they're telling you the truth because in return that is what you will be telling them. Whatever is in the text, assume it means exactly what it says. Don't read into it and think you know more then what the text is actually saying. If you don't understand a statement or a question then say so. Be clear, so that you can text back accordingly.
  6. Patience. The absolute most important rule. If they haven't texted you back, do not text them! It is their turn, they will get back to you when they are ready. We never know what circumstances are coming at them, so always assume the best. This is another way to put out what you want to get back, a patient partner.

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