The Secret About Money That Will Change Your Life


On the way home from power yoga, there was a man with a sign, asking for monetary help. Whenever I see someone asking for money, I always give. The giving is not out of sympathy or feeling sorry for the person. I see everyone equally powerful and entitled to  their own individual expression.  If I come across someone seeking help, that means that that experience is in my consciousness; therefore, it is my creation. Anyway, I always give $1 to $5. 

When I reached into my purse to get some money for this young man, it quickly became apparent that I only had a $20.00 bill. That seemed like a lot to give, but  I couldn't imagine driving away and not giving something – it was $20 or nothing. I gave the $20.00. It was a clean gift. I let go and I gave – no expectation, no judgment, no rationalizng that it will come back.  Just clean and clear. 

As I drove away, I felt quite good about the giving, but I thought about my initial hesitation.  Why was it so hard to give $20?  It's so easy for me to give of my time and energy, so why was this challenging? When I give of my time and energy, it is a way in which I express love – so it just flows.  Suddenly, it occured to me.  I didn't assoicate money with love.  I didn't think of money as an expression of love and appreciation.  It was more of a means to an end. I want or need something so I give  money in exchange for it.  It was clinical and mechanical.  In that moment, I  got it!

I realized that the highest and most Divine purpose of money is to express love, gratitude and appreciation. This man was asking for help, and I felt inspired to help, but what was really happening was that he was telling me how to love him and I showed my love by giving what he needed. He needed love via money and I gave it.  That's why it felt so great.  When you are homeless and hungry, twenty dollars worth of love is a lot more meaninful and powerful than $1.00.

I started thinking about everything in my life that I pay for – from my home to the food I feed my kids. I love my kids and I love my home and when I pay money to house and feed, I am really expressing love. I am Paying Attention with love in the form of money. That is the only thing that is really happening.  Money is simply a means of expressing love.  From this moment on, every opportunity that I have to give money or pay with money, will be intentionally Laced and Graced with unconditional love, gratitude and appreciation. 

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Here, I thought I was the one giving, but I received a great deal more than I gave. As it always is