3 Things In Life Better Than Money (That Most People Overlook)

The timeless sources of life's satisfaction.

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Money is a tool, a powerful one. But there’s more to life than money. True wealth is what you do with your time, health, and relationships. It’s the time you spend freely and fully.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.”― Will Rogers

Money has always been necessary. But obtaining it shouldn’t come at the expense of the pillars of a truly satisfying life. Time, good health, and quality relationships have been the sources of life satisfaction for centuries. These things last. For a truly satisfying life, shift your focus to the essentials besides money. You’ll be surprised at how much happier you'll be.


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Here are 3 things that are still better than money:

1. Time

Time is freedom. But “half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save", argues Will Rogers. The freedom to choose how you spend time is the goal. Time is the real luxury. Time is the reason I work for myself. It’s the reason I reserve white space on my calendar. Real, uninterrupted time is priceless. Time to just be, invest in your passion projects, pursue your curiosities, or just breathe.


“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.” — Marcus Aurelius

So, rethink the treadmill, delegate, batch similar tasks, unsubscribe from unimportant newsletters, and reclaim your minutes

“You can do so much in ten minutes. Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.’ — Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA. 

Today you have access to something every king, queen, CEO, billionaire, and celebrity has: time. Invest in experiences, conversations, in simply being present. Take that long-overdue vacation. You won’t regret the memories you create, but you will regret the moments you let slip away.


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2. Health

Good health is a priceless advantage. Your body is your permanent residence. Health is the foundation of everything. We all know that, but how often do we prioritize it? Most people take good health for granted until it’s compromised. Without it, wealth means nothing. Money can’t buy the energy to truly relish life’s memorable experiences.

"So much does health prevail over all external goods that probably a healthy beggar is happier than a sick king.” — Arthur Schopenhauer


If you have all the money you’ve ever wanted and your health is failing you, what’s the point? No amount of wealth can buy back a healthy body. It’s the foundation on which you build your life. Eat real food, not just convenient calories. Move your body like your life depends on it because it does. According to Neurology Clinical Practice, nearly any type of physical activity — walking, running, cycling, minimal weight-lifting and even mindful exercise such as yoga contributes to improved brain health. You are the vessel for everything you want to do in life.

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3. Relationships

You are wired for connection. We all are. Deep down, you want the joy of friendships and the love of the people you care about.


“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ― Brené Brown

Invest in the people who bring out the best in you — friends who celebrate your wins and hold your hand through losses, family who know your personal story and love you anyway. Phone a friend instead of texting. Make time for social games, even if it’s just a board game at home. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that better social interaction protects the brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dozens of other studies support it. Show your loved ones you appreciate them. A listening ear, a helping hand, your presence — these are gestures money can’t buy. 

Invest time in people. Listen, share, and be present. Money can’t buy the love and loyalty of those who matter most. Strong relationships are your safety net, your happiness bank. Make the deposit today.


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