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The Words To Make A Man Fall In Love

Do you have trouble communicating with the man you love or with men in general?  Do you feel like you push men away when trying to express your needs?  If so, I know exactly how you feel and I want to offer you the right words to make a man fall in love so that you can stop putting a wedge between yourself and a man and start bringing him closer with the power of intimacy.

Here are a few communication tips to help you turn your words into deeper feelings in his heart.  Winning a man’s heart starts and ends with your emotional connection to him, and nothing builds a strong, deep, cozy, safe and sexy emotional connection like the right words at the right moment, spoken from the right place in your heart.

Words To Make A Man Fall In Love:  Share Your Sentiments, Not Your Agenda

I’m a big advocate of women speaking up about their needs in a relationship.  In my past, I always had a hard time taking space in a relationship for my feelings.  I was used to feeling small and accommodating in my relationships, so I spent a lot of time figuring out ways to please a man—as if pleasing him automatically fulfilled my needs, which it never did!

It’s important to have your own needs and express them clearly.  This allows you to build your self-worth while giving you the opportunity to make room for your feelings in the relationship.  However, it’s also important to make a man want to provide your needs.  When you talk with a man from a place of blame or entitlement, it’s harder for him to feel inspired.

The key is to show him how you feel inside.  This will stir up his empathetic side and make him feel connected to you.  He will suddenly want to provide your needs and take care of you.  When you are walled off and just barking a list of honey-dos at him, he feels infantilized and controlled.

Know those commercials for the ASPCA with the abused dog photos that break your heart everytime they flash over the screen?  Imagine if the commerical was just some spokesperson coming on camera with a cold, matter-of-fact demeanor whining and telling you to give to abused dogs right now.  Even if you love dogs, you'd be off-putt.  Well, you have to show him your feelings and needs in a way that connects him to you, just like how we feel connected to those li'l suffering canines.

Unbutton Your Heart & Dredge From Your Depths

One recent study revealed that men who were shown photos of women in vulnerable poses were highly arroused by these women compared to seeing women in stronger stances.  I don’t think this is because men like weak women; it’s because vulnerability creates compassion, which can lead to arousal for men because sex and love are tightly interwoven for them.

When you can be brave enough to expose your feelings to a man—look him in the eye, soften your voice and body tension and admit that you are insecure, sad, angry, anxious, afraid, etc.—he feels automatically closer to you.  He feels like you trust him enough to give him a “peekaboo” of your delicate, soft, tender and wondrous soul. 

It’s hard for a man to open up and when a woman does it easily, he is enchanted.  He not only feels that she trusts him, but he feels that she has the secret tools to help him deal with his own scary vulnerability.

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