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10 Holiday Sexts To Send Your Man To Make Him CRAZY With Lust

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Sexts To Send Your Man To Make Him CRAZY

The holidays are cozy and romantic. The chill in the air and the colorful decorations can make you and your man just want to snuggle and tussle, and then pass out sweaty atop each other in front of the fire while drunk on egg nog, and half way through the second round of Mariah Carey's Christmas album. (If you have a bear skin rug and a fire place, you're truly set!)

Because this is such a cuddly time of year, it's only natural that it's the perfect stage to put on the minx performance of a lifetime. 

A real minx, a bedroom vixen, a sex kitten galore knows how to utilize her cell phone to make a man want her, in the same way she does her voice and her touch. Too many women fail to tap into this resource. Don't ever underestimate it, especially not around the holidays.

If nothing else, sexting will get you both through the family holiday gatherings with a sense of humor. I'm sure it ain't easy to get him to lay you after having spent the night with his mother.

Here are some super-sexy texts to get him revved up.

1. I know it's dark out there tonight, Santa. I'll light up my two hard headlights and your sleigh can come right down on my tiny landing strip.

2. Can't wait to suck your Yule log 'til the cream swirl spurts out. Mmm.

3. Forget the partridge in a pear tree. How about a crying cock in an aching bush?

4. Slide down inside my chimney and lift up my X-Mas tree skirt for the creamiest, thickest Egg Nog surprise Santa Baby ever got.

5. This Ho Ho Ho wants to jingle your bells until her halls are decked with Christmas creaminess.

6. I bought a little cock-ring "wreath" for your door knocker. That way you can pound, pound, pound it all night long.

7. I'm hanging mistletoe from my ponytail. That way you can kiss me right between the door crack. Oooh.

8. I'm dreaming of a pink XXX-Mas. When your dick tip glistens and neighbors listen to T and A sweatin' in the snow...

9. All I want for Christmas is you... and your hard, angry cock. Happy holidays!

10. Just thinking of you and doing very naughty things with the turkeybaster.