Cyber Sex Fantasy: The Rendevous; Sexting At 40,000 Ft.

the rendezrous - steamy literotica

Fantasy Scene: Cyber lovers are meeting in Paris. Texting in midair, they get the party started.

The trip came up so quickly there was no way to be on the same flight.

"I have to be in Paris tomorrow, and I want you with me."

It's hard to ignore an invitation like that. Being in a no strings attached friends with benefits arrangement was working....for both them.  Both professional and high profile, the getaways needed to be few and far between.

Sexually compatable, but in no other way permanent partner material, they had decided to split friends when it wasn't fun anymore. That was two years ago, and it was as hot as ever.

Infrequent and mad passionate in-person romps with hot cyber sex in between was proving to be the perfect fit for her life.

Having to meet in Paris was definitely an okay Plan B. It made for a long trip over there, but thanks to the miracle of technology, they chatted online during the flight and well, here's what happened (I have permission to share their cyber sex story):

She: I can't wait to see you

He: How are you feeling?

She: My heart is in my throat, and I'm trembling...I'm getting all warm and squirmy in my seat...

He: Thatta girl...If I were there my hand would be on your thigh lightly running figure 8 with the tip of my finger.

She: I'm biting my lip and my body is starting to stretch itself. I am glad I am in first least I have some space but I have to behave myself...

He: I love that you are that turned on is going to be very very good this time. Tell me more....

She: What are you wearing?

He: *sly smile* Jeans and a white tee...and you?

She: The red dress you bought for me last summer. *A little whimper escapes, and I try to disguise my squirm by shifting position in my seat.*

He:  Oh....Angel, you are so hot in that dress....I'm hard. Glad the tray table is down. I'll lay my hand in my lap and imagine it is yours....

She: I am already there, baby...I feel you touching my's like you are here...I'm breathing hard and trying to be quiet...

He: Hehe...


He: If I were there I would be reaching over as if I were pointing at something out the window and brush up against your breast, then I would kiss behind your ear and just breathe you in.


He: ?

She: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He: Atta girl...go for it...I love that I can take you to orgasm...I love being with you while you ride to heaven. I can almost feel your breath on my neck as you breathe those tiny little breaths. I love hearing you pant and whisper my name.

He: I love the feeling of your fingernails barely scratching me...head, neck, cheeks forehead while I take you in my mouth and l kiss, love and nibble on you.


He: I love those little sounds, moans and giggles that escape when your orgasm is rocking and you are trying to be quiet.

She: Not fair.....

He: Go girl...I know you are rocking it. I love it...go. I am so turned on turning you on.

She: Wow...*moan*...yes...

He: I'm here with you, if I were there I would be holding you close. I am rock hard just thinking about getting you into my real arms.

She: Mmmmmhmmmmmm

He: You're still riding aren't you...

She: Yeah baby shivering in for a are so amazing. I don't have words, but there is a big smile on my face right about now. Deep breath...

He: Good. I wish I could tell you how much I want to see you and taste you and...

She: It won't be long now...

He: Close your eyes Angel...breathe and come slowly down...ride it to the end...I have more for you tomorrow....

She: Purrrr...

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