Don't Wait For December: Why Christmas Should Be Year-Round

Don't Wait For December: Why Christmas Should Be Year-Round

New Light

There is an esoteric view that, at times, humanity in this world overstep the acceptable threshold of goodness into negativity and depravity which are unacceptable to the fulfillment of the world's destiny. When this occurs, the Universal Creative Principle forms an embodiment that balances the negative runaway energy. In this esoteric philosophy, that accounts for the birth of Jesus and the resultant celebration of Christmas. At the time of the birth of Jesus, the world had to be brought back into spiritual balance; a new school of thinking had to emerge—The Christian Tradition.

New Thinking 

New thought patterns had to be pervasive enough to seep through all religious and spiritual traditions. Thus, the essence of the material occasion of His birth was the giving of gifts and the receiving of gifts, as portrayed by the Three Wise Men that were directed to Jesus' birthplace in the manger. One of many Christmas quotes and general adages says, "It is better to give than to receive," but you cannot have one without the other. Giving is only possible, if there is someone to receive it. This concept of giving and receiving is embraced within the core values of every religion, every spiritual tradition, and every culture.

New Energy

When sufficient people in the world rise to the pinnacle of the principle of unconditional giving and receiving, a new energy will take over the positive forward movement of the world. The Christmas Spirit of giving and receiving is strong and obvious at Christmas time. While it wanes during the year, other elements flow from the awareness of giving and receiving. Individuals develop their own spiritual activities in their daily living, based on their specific religious, spiritual and cultural programming. As St. Paul advises, there are many different administrations but of the Self-same Spirit.

The Angelic Realm

The birth of Jesus was announced through angels. This is another significance of Christmas. It confirms that there are Spiritual Messengers that serve the bidding of the Creator. All religious and spiritual traditions accept the existence of messengers of God, although they may be presented in different forms and by different names.

The Star Kingdom

It is interesting that a star was used to guide the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem. Thus, it may be that normal human beings are not able to discern the power and usefulness of the stars. The 12 signs of the Zodiac may be more important than is usually realized. The sky is laden with stars every night. Do not condemn what you cannot understand, as the mind of human beings cannot understand the infinite mind of God. The spiritual significance of the use of the star in finding Jesus' birthplace is to signal the vastness and mystery of creation, so that petty judgments may be avoided. 

Needy Persons

There was no room at the inn, so the birth of Jesus had to be accommodated in a stable or barn. The spiritual significance is that you should do your best to accommodate someone in need, as peradventure you may be entertaining the Creator himself. When you help one in need, you are helping God.

What To Do At Christmas?

When someone asks me, "What are you doing for Christmas?" my answer is, "Everyday is Christmas for me." What I am signaling by my answer is that I try to practice the spirit of Christmas everyday, and not only at the Christmas Season's celebrations. So, my dear sweet friends, practice the spirit of Christmas everyday.