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I believe that you are capable of generating your intended results.

About Philip G Rochford

Your coach, Philip G. Rochford’s goal-oriented and driven life has accounted for not only his extensive local and international experience but also his holistic professional training and qualifications.

I help clients to clarify their dreams and vision. My framework using the acronymn "VIRTUAL" establishes for them a clear structure to follow. Also, by asking them discerning but answerable questions, I draw our from them theintuitive answers that they have within themselves. In this way, the clients take ownership of the way forward and can hold themselves accountable for achieving intended results.

Over 40 years of corporate experience has given Philip G. Rochford the foundation for starting formal Life Coaching in 1993 after his retirement, and has since coached hundreds of clients. Landmark Education Corporation (USA) provided him practical coaching, through their training courses of The Forum, Communication I & II, Commando Communication, and The Wisdom Course. As a coach Philip has been supported by international coaches such as Mike Litman, Glen Dietzel, Scott Armstrong, Philip Humbert, Christy Whitman, and Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director of the The Center for Executive Coaching.

Rochford’s coaching niche is business owners, chief executives, senior executive management, and professionals.

Philip G Rochford Success Stories

Review of my 11th published book


"Think, Be still, and Grow spiritually"more

By Nazeer Sultan, Performance Management Consultant

The author of ‘Think, Be still, and Grow spiritually’ invited me to conduct a review in a special haven.  I chose Tobago.  The hundreds of gems that were revealed in the pages far outweighed the investment of time and energy over the weekend.  It was a delight. 
        The more I lowered ‘the great intellect’ (the author’s terms), the more evident became the practical life lessons.   I discovered insights in arriving at core values and purpose, and manifesting them through daily applications.  I learnt about the self awareness that the observer and witness can access, creating the basis for a more wholesome life.  I couldn’t escape embracing the values of the Samurai – discipline, service, honour. 
        The author further warns us about bad habits and negative passions of mind – anger, lust, greed, attachment and vanity.  This rich underlay was made possible (as one reads in the introduction,) by a combination of fate and faith.  Being born in the beautiful republic of T&T, which gifted him a rich diversity, and being conditioned by his mama into service-mindedness and duty, the author conceived his job at NCB as “a ministry for lifting up the soul of a nation.”  One can sympathize with him therefore for the length of time needed for forgiveness of the actors in the NCB story. 
        The reader also gets glimpses of a man who knew his purpose - to live a wholesome life and to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  This clarity, together with his appetite for search and knowledge, brought him face to face with today’s challenges of stress management, change, habit formation, thinking clearly and crafting a happy life in a turbulent, chatter-filled world.
        The author’s spiritual awakening started at twelve. And it continues.  He never wanted to travel the road of those who had neither eyes to see, nor conviction to pursue.  And so, denial, service, duty – deliberate and cautious – were the DNA qualities unmasked.   But something more is offered in these pages. They reveal a man with the courage to examine, reflect, and assess his life and distil critical lessons; a man not afraid to recognise that ego comes in the way of one’s gifts.   One also learns about his daily challenge to restrain the five negative passions of mind, recognising in the process that “human love is imperfect, jealous and unforgiving.” 
        I concluded, after my Tobago weekend of reading, that these pages are filled with lessons from mother, marriage and the struggles of living the wholesome life.   But somehow I believe that the author, in these sunset years, has more to offer us.  This speculation is mindfully revealed in the final chapter where he invites us all to come out of our comfort zone and be more spontaneous and adventurous.  One can understand therefore why I await his next book “Celebrate life... Rochford unplugged”.

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