5 Super Sexy (But REALLY Risky) Places To Get It On

Spice it up. Just don't get caught!


There aren't many people in this world who'll go for risky sex. You could get into some serious troubles if you're caught literally with your pants down. Depending on your situation, you could be disinherited, arrested, fired from your job or barred from an establishment. But, you have to admit, having sex in risky places IS sexy, exciting and bold and can really spice up your sex life.

Here are what I think are the five riskiest places to have sex. If you choose to try any of these spots, be sure you and your partner are both on board and have an agreed upon "abort mission" sign: 


1. Parents' House
When you have sneaky sex at your parents' place, you risk being caught, not by a stranger, but by the people who brought you into this world. And while this scares many people off, the idea of rebelling this way can be deeply satisfying. Just know if your parents are ultra conservative and catch you in the act, there could be some serious ramifications.

2. A Public Library
There are some couples who enter a public library with no thought of actually reading a book. They may just want to have some sneaky sex in the stacks. If you have sex in a public library, you're actually crossing all kinds of limits related to the society's sexual boundaries. Some people treat libraries like sacred churches. If you're up to this challenge, be really sneaky and completely quiet. And stay far, far away from the children's section. Also, be aware you could actually be arrested for public indecency.


3. Hot Tubs/Saunas
Sex in a sauna: high adrenaline levels, lots of sweat, fainting episodes and tremendous amount of thrill and erotica. Lower levels of oxygen is the most obvious reason why people enjoy sex in in a hot tub. It creates heightened excitement and sensitivity. Your blood flow also increases because of the heat. As a result, sex is taken to a whole new level. 

Slippery body parts are always more erotic and extra sexy when having sex in the water. Since most people don't have a sauna at home, this sexual escapade is usually carried out in a hotel, spa or gym — places where privacy isn't a given. But this is what makes it more fun. But you could lose your gym membership (at a minimum).

4. An Isolated Alley
Whether you'll actually enjoy sex in an alley (or it will lead to serious consequences) all depends on your choice of the alley. Pick one that's clean, and a bit off the beaten path. Keep your running shoes on in case you have to make a break for it from the cops.

5. At Work Or Office
If you're caught having sex at work or in your office, it's pretty certain you'll be canned. Well, unless you're the boss. No matter your position, having sex at work is very sexy. People who work outside can try it behind a tree or in the parking spot. And haven't you always fantasized about shoving everything off your desk and just going at it? 


These were only five of the most risky places to have sex. There are many more to make your sex life more thrilling, exciting and fun. With a bit of risk and sense of adventure, sex in risky places can turn a boring day into a completely memorable moment. Moreover, risky sex always improves your bond with your partner.