8 Seduction Tips Guaranteed To Make Her Yours

The art of seducing a woman is often referred to as "The Game," and this couldn't be a more apt description. The game of seduction follows certain rules and techniques that you need to master, and like a game, it should be fun.

You need to emotionally disengage from the game and view it the way you would any other game you play—as something that is to be enjoyed. If you get rejected, it's just part of the game and you've gained experience for next time.

Like a game, you get better with seducing women over time. Tiger Woods wasn't the world's greatest golfer the first time he picked up a golf club, and you won't be the world's best seducer the first time you hit on a woman. The more you do it, the better you will be, so keep at it.

Here are some of the best tips to seduce a woman:

1. Get her to desire you.

Make yourself appear tough to her, so that she would imagine you taking charge in bed, but still understanding her sexual needs. When you are together, show her parts of your body you are most proud of. Nice abs and a strong chest attract women. Down between your legs is one thing she will desire but you can't show that off ... at least not yet.

2. Impress her.

Do things that will make her admire you. It could be your achievement at work, your influence on people, or simply the way you treat her. Know what she likes and do them for her, even if at times it means sacrificing a little on your end. When she sees your effort, she will be impressed and consider returning the favors—perhaps sexually.

3. Show her that you're into her.

Make her feel special so she does not want to lose you. Unless she complains of you being all over her, demonstrate your feelings for her, whether it's because you really love her or just want her in bed. The bottom line is that you seduce her. When she feels wanted, she will want to prove her worth to you.

4. Be mindful of your tone in the conversations.

When you are seducing your woman, you should always keep the conversation light and interesting. Be sure NEVER to do any of the following:

  • Tell her about your problems
  • Talk about the job you hate
  • Bring up any "issues" you are experiencing

Whatever you have that's not working in your life, put it aside so it doesn't flow into your conversations with her.

5. Talk dirty

Tell her dirty jokes that will make her both laugh (and perhaps get a little wet between her legs). Observe how she reacts to your dirty talks. If she responds well and shows interest, you are a step closer to spending at least one fiery moment with her.

6. Let her feel you.

Touch her where she loves it the most. Most women love to be touched on the cheek, the neck, or feel a man's arm around her shoulder. Connect when you can. Who knows, future connections just might be between your lips and between your centers of pleasures. Do not rush her, though. Be a gentleman and avoid over-touching.

7. Understand her need for pleasure.

Do what pleases her the most. Ask her, just to be sure you hit her bull's eye in her pleasurable spots. If she gets enough pleasure from simple touches, she's assured that she'd get even more in bed. She will then most likely to engage in sex with you.

8. Assure her she'd enjoy making out with you.

At any given chance, tickle her imagination with how much pleasure awaits her if she gives in to having sex with you. Show interest in sexy things, like adult movies or perhaps talk to her about an article about sex that really got you hooked.

The challenge remains: once you've seduced your woman, continually seduce her. Study up on Kama Sutra to better please her. Keep your best foot forward and keep her wanting more. Do not think that once you've laid with her, you own her. Women can be as playful as men.