The GUARANTEED Way To Not Feel Awkward When He Pays


Picture this… you’re on a date, and the waiter brings the check. It sits on the table… and it sits, making you more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

Should you offer to split the check? Do the fake purse grab? Maybe even pretend it’s not there? Better yet, should you run to the ladies room and hope it’s gone when you get back?


I get it! It’s hard to know what to do. You’re independent, you have a great job, and you can certainly pay for yourself. But ladies, let’s be honest.

You WANT him to pay, right? The fact is, even though you can afford your dinner, it feels good to be taken care of and to be treated like the fabulous catch that you are.

The Odyssey Online

You want a gentleman and to see first hand that chivalry isn’t dead.

So what should you do when the check comes?

First ask yourself, “If he lets me pay, will I be disappointed?” And be real about it. If the answer is “yes” for goodness sake DON'T offer! By offering you’re setting him up to fail. Why ask for something you don’t want? That makes no sense.

Here’s the deal  when a man asks you out, you’re his guest. He knows he’s supposed to pay. And most of the time, he wants to.

So enjoy his generosity. When you let him lead, you bring your feminine energy to the table (literally), and men LOVE that.

But there is a caveat. You must thank him — A LOT.


I teach my clients to thank their dates three times. Thank him when he pays, when you get up from the table, and again when you part company. And be enthusiastic! After all of that gratitude, I guarantee he’ll be glad he picked up the check.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and in certain situations you should offer, like if you know he’s on a tight budget, if YOU asked HIM out, or if you truly want to pay and won’t be disappointed if he accepts.

If you DO end up offering, say something like, “May I contribute?”

Asking a question is more feminine than saying “I’ve got this” or “Let’s split it”. Let him respond, and respect his decision, whatever it is.

Now that you know how to handle the check, you can relax when it comes — just in time to worry about the good night kiss!


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