5 Sexy Pick Up Lines That Really Work

There are times when you are just in this mood where you feel hot, sexy, confident, and playful

sexy girl

Read this article to learn sexy lines for when you are feeling hot, confident and playful (and possibly in the mood for sex). You need to go with that feeling and drop some sexy lines on men. I have a few that will work their magic on whatever type of you guy you are talking to.  

1. I love your belt—especially the buckle.

2. I have never seen more magnetic eyes in my life. I’m feeling a little shaky.


3. I’m a sucker for cashmere, especially when it’s covering such broad shoulders.

4. If I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow, I’d kidnap you and take you to Paris.

5. You are an incredible specimen!  

These lines exemplify confidence and that is the number one turn on for guys. With these lines, you need to go for it and be playful. Sexy guys love spontaneity and boldness so with these lines being said, you are guaranteed to get his attention and his number!