10 First Date Dos & Don'ts

a couple on a first date

First dates are nerve-racking enough without etiquette faux pas.

Let's not complicate things with too many rules. Here are a few tips that will get you through the first date and hopefully a second one (if you play your cards right).

1. Do show up on time. Being late is rude and a major turn-off. First impressions count.

2. Do look your best. This shows your date you've actually put some effort in your appearance. The neater the better, so dress to impress.

3. Do show your smile. Don't be afraid to show off those pearly whites. A great smile can lighten up a room.

4. Do be courteous. Being polite and well-mannered shows your consideration for others.

5. Do show him/her you're listening. Always pay attention to what your date is saying. This shows you are interested in the person sitting across from you.

6. Do give him/her compliments. Giving praise is very positive and welcomed. It's a great boost for morale. Keep reading ...

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