Reasons Why A Matchmaker Might Turn Away High Paying Clients

Waiting to be picked

Do Matchmakers turn away high paying clients? Ever?

You bet they do. Well, I do, anyway. 

Quick disclaimer: I am not independently wealthy. I am not a trust-fund baby nor did I win the lotto. I work very hard, during all kinds of business and nonbusiness hours, and every potential client that comes my way is greatly valued and appreciated. So why would I ever turn away anyone?

To answer that, allow me to digress for just a minute to illustrate.

If you’re a male between the ages of twenty-five and eighty-five, who ever watched a single episode of the Millionaire Matchmaker, I would have to give you a lot of kudos for not developing an acute phobia of matchmakers. On the show, Patti Stanger proceeds to systematically rip into every client that does not demonstrate a flawless ability to charm the pants out off a potential date in the first three minutes. Usually she acknowledges his flaws before the date. Nonetheless, she sends him on a date anyway with a few ‘words of wisdom’.  When, however, the victim (read: client) comes back rejected, Patti berates him publicly and loudly for not being able to follow her advice and make a girl swoon at the first ‘hello.’  Frankly, if I were a man looking for love with Patti as my only option, I would rather resign to life-long masturbation, than enlisting the help of a matchmaker.

Patti can afford to yell at clients and kick them out of her office because she gets paid to do a reality show. The rest of us, who make our living at the craft, cannot.  So what do we do? We offer help. That help comes in a form of Dating Coaching. In my case, I include it as a value-added service with my matchmaking fees.

Look at this this way. You are a CEO of a huge international baking corporation. All of your divisions, from cakes to breads are doing splendidly, except one: your croissant division.  You inherited the darned thing from your French Uncle who thought it would benefit both you and the bloody croissants! Thanks, Uncle Jacques!  You have tried everything to make it whole: from hiring new chefs, to using different ingredients and opening more croissant shops. Nothing is working and you’re not sure why. So what do you do? You hire business consultants who know everything there is to know about croissants:from baking, to selling, to advertisingthey are croissant experts. They analyze your business and figure out what you’re doing wrong. They give you the tools and know-how to fix it. Once you’re on your feet and your croissants division is on a road to recovery. They walk away, knowing that you’ll be able to shine on your own.

It’s like that with Dating Coaching.  If you have been trying to find love for the last four years and nothing has worked, can you blame it on every woman you ever met? Was there something wrong with each of them? Probably not. So the answer must lie within you. Once you examine your own habits and methods of finding love, you can identify where you have gone wrong and start to learn how to fix it.

Dating Coaching helps you acquire the confidence and techniques to attract womenwhether on your own or with a help of a Matchmaker.

So why would a Matchmaker turn away a client? It is because I don’t want to charge you money for nothing more than false hope. After all, if you have been unsuccessful at finding love in the last five years, would you succeed just because I introduce you to yet another woman? I can give you women’s phone numbers by the bucket. What I cannot do is force a woman to be attracted to you. That is up to you. And if you’re not willing to work on it, nothing will change. You will continue to go on countless first and may be even second dates.  But love will be as elusive as ever. I cannot help you. I can only help you find love if you’re willing to learn how. Otherwise, I would rather not take you on as a client, then let you down by charging you money for countless heartbreaks.

Look at it as a kind of rehab. You enter it hoping to heal whatever injury you have. But the injury will not heal itself. It will only get better when you work at it. The harder you work, the quicker it will heal. That simple.