Skirts, Stilettos & Other Things GUARANTEED To Help You Get A Guy

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Every time I turn around, yet another study comes out that claims to have figured out scientific reasons why men and women find each other attractive.

Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical faces, ring finger as compared to the index finger, blonde versus brown hair, body shape, body mass, smell, voice, and (my all time favorite) long distance runners. (Yes, ladies, apparently there was yet another study that concluded that male long-distance runners are more likely to have stronger sex drives and higher sperm counts.) 

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What if I told you that you can ignore all of these studies? What if I told you that, in reality, you can have any man you want, no matter your age, profession or social status? 

There is one simple formula that can attract the man of your dreams. And it happens when you focus on being — H.I.S.

Before you gasp and walk away in disbelieve, let me break it down for you.

H = HOT.

Start with hair and makeup.  (Hint: Definitely do BOTH.) If it’s a first date and you don't do your hair and make up on regular basis — seek professional help. Like it or not, looks matter.  

Any woman can look 100 percent better with proper makeup application and a modern hair style. (No buns or pony tails, ladies. The first one ages you, and the second says you didn’t care enough to take put time in).

Then, pay particular attention to your wardrobe. Put away the pants; men like legs. If you’re like the rest of us, you have a human body, not a super model's. That means, focus on accentuating the positives and hiding any negatives in your form. 

Not sure which are your best and worst assets? Ask a stylist. Any quality department store offers a score of salespeople just dying to give you their opinion. (Make sure to go during the day when crowds are smaller and staff have more time to devote to you.)

Finally, finish off your look with a pair of high stilettos. Nothing makes your legs look longer or your walk sexier than stilettos. (If you don’t normally wear heels and five-inchers make you wobble, practice at home first. After all, a bloody nose on a date is not an attractive feature.)

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What makes you different?  There are beautiful women everywhere. Winning a man's heart takes more than great looks. So, what makes you interesting? Not sure? Find something you’re passionate about and talk about that. Yes, even if it is religion or politics. He may disagree, but no man can resist a woman who has a sparkle in her eyes.

Avoid getting carried away with any specific subject, however. There's a fine line between passion and fanaticism. Make sure not to cross it.

Keep up with current events. If it’s on the news, it's a topic of interest. If he shares opinion on something, so should you (and those opinions don’t necessarily have to agree).

Avoid lengthy monologues about yourself. He's not there to hear every detail of your life at once. Leave something out each time you meet, that way you retain some mystery about you that he longs to discover.


If you like a man, show it. Flirt, make your intentions known, while simultaneously playing hard to get (easily).

A toss of the hair, a slight touch of the hand, leaning in, catching his eyes — there are many ways a woman can show her interest in a man. Let him know that, even while you’re discussing the French Revolution, you're interested in more than his mind.  

After all, research shows that we tend to like people who like us. Just make sure you don’t give it all away. Always leave him wanting more!

Becoming H.I.S. requires time and effort.  

How much of each will differ from person to person. What you will find, however, when you keep practicing, is that being H.I.S. becomes an integral part of your dating behavior. As it does, you will transform into that strong, irresistible woman you've always wanted to be. You just need to really, really, really want it!

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Marina Margulis is a dating coach based in New York City. She has been featured in Good Men Project, DatingAdvice, Scribd, and more. Follow her on Twitter.

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