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I grew up in a household with powerful, assertive women (my mother and my aunt), genuinely loved by appreciative men (my father and uncle), so I automatically assumed all women were entitled to be treated as queens, and loved for the compassion and balance they bring to this world.  Imagine my surprise as I grew older and discovered my own insular world, my magnificent view of women didn’t fully reflect the world at large. For over thirteen years I counseled and mentored women at my church in various growth programs. A number of these women were either neglected, abused and/or molested. What an eye-opener.  Coaching women seemed a natural progress in my passion of helping women utilize their strengths and talents.

I’m a student of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and Relationship Coaching Institute, two of the finest coaching schools in the country. They helped further shape my views and opinions of humanity in general, and women in particular. 

iPEC Coaching has a skill called “cheerleading,” which appropriately describes my mind set where women are concerned. I’ve always had the gift to cheer and encourage women to be whom they’re called to be, to see themselves as "Wonder Women," because after all, we really are. As a woman, I champion my sisters’ total growth and enlightenment, and love helping women develop positive consciousness and self-awareness, while discerning and recognizing relationship challenges and pitfalls.

In addition to my passion for a woman’s fulfillment, I’ve always been drawn to spirituality, holographic thinking (using my analytical, emotional and intuitive mind), and speaking and writing on the gift of manifestation. I’m a student of Biblical and spiritual thought and deeply believe in the Divine's amazing love for mankind, quantum consciousness and the timelessness of Universal truths. I teach them to anyone who will listen.

My articles have appeared in the D.C. area’s examiner.com, Pathjoy.com and Task.fm.com. I will also be featured in the next installment of the international best-selling series, Adventures in Manifesting, which is scheduled to be published in the Fall of 2012, and The Dating GPS.

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