5 Sly Ways To Test If Your Guy Is A Lying, Cheating SOB

cheating sob

Have you started getting that gut feeling something isn’t quite right? Do you wonder if he may be up to something with someone else? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer. There are five ways to test if your partner is cheating and get an answer once and for all.

Cheat Test #1: Over the Shoulder
When your partner is on his phone, subtly walk behind him and jump to his cheek to give him a kiss.

  • Does he shield his phone to his chest?
  • Does he immediately press the home button on his phone to display the main screen?
  • Does he jump a mile in surprise that you just saw what he was doing on his phone?


Cheat Test #2: Call for Lunch
Call your partner and ask to have lunch with him. If he says that he can’t because he is way too busy, don’t take no for an answer. Get a lunch ready for him and make it really special. Show up to his office around his lunch break time and surprise him.

  • Does he rush through lunch?
  • Does he seem antsy or angry that you showed up?
  • Does he excuse himself to make a call or talk to someone?
  • Does he send you away?


Cheat Test #3: The New Friend
He has a new friend who happens to be female. He says there isn’t anything going on between them. Ask him if he talked to her lately or has seen her.

  • Do his eyes light up like a kid’s does on Christmas morning?
  • Does he answer quickly and change the subject immediately?
  • Does he say that he doesn’t know because he hasn’t talked to her, yet you know he has?


Cheat Test #4: Out for the Evening
Your partner has work to do or going out with his friends. You want to know what he is truly up to while he is away from home. Ask him what he did last night.

  • Does he answer with a lot of detail?
  • Does he become defensive and accuse you of not trusting him?
  • Does he change the subject quickly and walks away from you to avoid any further questioning?


Cheat Test #5: Removal of Evidence
He’s come home from being away and he immediately says that he needs a shower. Tell him you have other things in mind and start kissing him.

  • Does he push you off him and rushes to shower?
  • Is he unable to perform?
  • Does he seem overly self-conscious about himself?


Scoring the Cheat Test
If you answered yes to the questions for each test you give your partner, you may have stumbled upon some signs of cheating. While signs don’t necessarily mean that he is cheating, it does give you more justification for how you have been feeling lately.

Your next step is finding proof that he has been cheating. It’s time to follow him, check cell phone and credit card bills and possibly hiring a private investigator. With proof, you will know for sure and he will have no way to deny his cheating ways.

If you find that your partner doesn’t score a yes on the questions after each test, take a deep breath and let it out. You may be in the clear of him cheating on you. However, if you still have that gut feeling that something is up, you should keep your eyes, ears and mind open. There may be something else going on or he’s learned how to be a great undercover cheater.

Discovering your partner is cheating on you is devastating. Come by Relationship Repair for more support and information on how to deal with cheating.

You deserve to understand the whys, hows and what to do from this point.