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10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman

10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman

She’s just a friend:  Yeah right. If she’s attractive and single we see her as a threat. If she really is just a friend, they need to let us know the reason why. Is it because she’s not their type, she has a boyfriend, she has an annoying personality? We like to be reassured that they’re not secretly into their “friend”.

I’ll call you tonight at 8pm:  Guy should not give a specific time/date of when they will be calling unless they intend to keep their word. If they say they will call tonight, we are expecting a call tonight. Not calling will set off all sorts of alarms that will lead to us not trusting them.

She’s hot:  We like to think that, at least in their eyes, we are the hottest woman on the planet. Pointing out that someone else is attractive will not earn them any brownie points. We don’t want to know if they think anyone else is hot, so they need to zip it!

I don’t use condoms:  That’s nice. We don’t want an STD. Condoms are a fact of life in today’s society, so unless they've been tested and plan to be monogamous, they need to get used to them.

I love you: If they don’t mean it, they'll be opening Pandora’s Box. Women do not take this statement lightly. We are waiting for them to say it and when they do, we assume the relationship is moving to the next level. If they’re not ready for that, they shouldn't utter these three little words until they are.

My ex always/never/used to:  If your ex is still on their mind so much that they need to constantly bring her up, then why are they dating us? Relationships are difficult enough without the ghost of their ex floating around. They need to either get back with her or shut up!

You remind me of my mother:  Men should not compare their mother to their girl unless they’ve made it clear that they absolutely adore their mother and think the world of her.

Did we have plans:  Oh no you didn’t! If we’ve made plans to get together, we’ve been looking forward to it all day. We’ve been thinking about what to wear and how to do our hair. They shouldn't rain on our parade by being dumb enough to forget or there will be hell to pay.

Keep in touch/Call me:  What the heck is that supposed to mean? That they don’t plan on ever calling us again? That they want us to call them next time? That they're unsure how we feel about them and they want to see if we’ll call? There’s too much room for misinterpretation here. Their job is to call, our job is to wear the high heels. :)

How old are you:  If the woman appears to be anywhere near 30, they should not be asking her age. If they really must know, they can make an educated guess from other information she gives, such as when she graduated from college. If however, she appears to be under 20, they absolutely must ask, so as to make sure she is of legal age!

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