What To Do When You've Been Ghosted So You Can Get Over It And Move On

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Dating Advice For How To Respond To Ghosting & What To Do After Being Ghosted
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If someone you’re dating, friends with, or just chatting with online suddenly stops answering your messages, ends all contact with you, and even deletes you from their social media altogether without any warning, you’ve most likely been ghosted.

Why do people ghost?

Ghosting is a pretty cowardly way to end a relationship or connection, but it’s also much easier than having an awkward conversation and risking confrontation.

In the age of online dating and socializing, ghosting someone is getting more and more common.

However, being ghosted is no fun, especially if you're looking for love that lasts. Figuring out how to respond to ghosted is even less fun because often you're left without any closure or understanding of what just happened.

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So, how do you know if you’ve been ghosted and how do you deal with it?

1. Recognize when you're being ghosted

The first step to accepting what has happened is to recognize it.

Sometimes, the person you’re involved with will start being unavailable by saying they’re too busy to answer your messages or meet up with you. Trust me, no one is that busy.

If this happens, ring the alarm bells and take a step back. If someone is really into you, they’ll find the time to see you and talk to you.

But, sometimes, ghosting is much more brutal. The person you thought you had a connection with and were getting on great with can just disappear off the face of the earth without a word.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. For whatever reason, this person wanted to end the connection and didn’t have the decency to say so. It’s harsh, but it’s easy.

Understand what has happened and don’t torture yourself by trying to figure out why. If this person didn’t think you were worth an explanation, they certainly aren’t worth your time and emotions.

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2. How to respond to ghosting

Whatever you do, do not haunt your ghost. This means do not stalk their profiles online, do not try to carry on the connection by sending more messages, and do not go to places you think they might turn up at.

Do not chase your ghost. If they want to talk to you, offer an explanation, or even get things back off the ground with you, they know where you are and it is absolutely down to them to do the work.

Leaving it behind and getting over someone is tough when you’ve been ghosted because you’re left confused and without any resolution.

But, the sad fact is you probably will never get the answers you seek and the best thing you can do for your own sanity is to move forward.

Instead of dwelling on this mystery and trying to get back what you once had, start conversations with other people, make new friends and get out there on some dates. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you put this experience where it should be and get on with your life.

Ghosting is tough when it happens to you, but ask yourself if you’d really want to be with someone who can’t face up to difficult situations and do the right thing.

Now that you know how to respond to ghosting, take this important piece of dating advice: move on with your life in style by meeting new people more worthy of your company.

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