Sex Wont Get Your Ex Back!

Sex Wont Get Your Ex Back!

The relationship ended, but somehow you found yourself settling to be "friends with benefits" because somewhere in the back of your mind, you thought this would keep them around and realize what they would be missing out on. Is "friends with benefits" with your ex lover really sending the right signal to saying I still love you? No, it's sending the signal that they can have their cake and eat it to while your suffering deep down inside.

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Once the sex is over, they leave it's not like it use to be. No more cuddling in bed, soft slow kisses that mean I care and love you. Now it's wam, bam, thank you mam and out the door.

The problem with this type of approach to getting your ex back is you are saying it's okay to move on emotionally, but physically we can still be together. This such the wrong way to get your ex back. The true way to get them back is by using a strategy that is so over looked by millions that most fail at ever restoring their lost love.

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I get it. Sex is important and at lest it still has them coming around, but instead of being in love and having a long term relationship, your now just being used for sex and thats it! Is that how you wan't to remember the love of your life? Just being a booty call until someone better comes a long and sweeps them off their feet?

Because they will get sick of having sex with you, if they aren't reminded on exactly why your the perfect one for them. Again Not your fault 98 percent of broken up couples never get this right. Don't be in that 98 percent you can be a part of the 2 percent that gets it right and has a happy loving relationship.

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Cheers Friends 

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